Many adults today have a hard time starting and maintaining an exercise program. There are many factors to consider when trying to start exercising after a layoff. More and more adults today have issues regarding muscle skeletal pain, joint replacements, injuries that have never been rehabilitated. It is very important when starting an exercise program that the client has their issues addressed. As a personal fitness trainer specializes an exercise and fitness for adults. I am always come across many adults we’ll have tremendous issues with their bodies that needed to be corrected before they begin an exercise program.

As an at-home personal trainer who specializes with adults in the Boca Raton, South Florida area. I have devised a special program that helps adults regain their form and function. Being pain-free so they can start exercising. This way not only will they move more efficiently and pain-free but also reach their fitness goals whatever that might be. It makes no difference if it’s a weight-loss program, strength training, functional fitness or just general fitness. It’ll starts by making sure the body work together as unit first.

One of the biggest issues I see what adults is  lower back problems. Either the back is nonfunctional, unstable or isn’t working properly. When this happens adults have a  hard time exercising. Which leads them to stopping  exercising or do it less often. By simply following my corrective exercises for lower back issues. The client can exercise and be rehabilitated in the same personal training session. The key is to include physical rehabilitation program, along with strength training, aerobic fitness, body transformation programs such as weight loss. Here are some key points to remember when looking for a personal trainer to help you with your lower back issues while exercising.

1.It is very important to hire someone that  knows how to assess and figure out why their back is bothering them?. Why they are in pain? Only by a careful assessment that evaluation. The personal fitness trainer can  pinpoint the cause of the problem. Hiring a personal trainer that knows how to rehabilitate and strengthen the lower back along with giving general fitness is a tremendous advantage to the client.

2.Five way fitness personal trainers have the education and experience to assess faulty movement patterns and make the client pain-free.Five way fitness personal trainers have the experience to set the client up on a personal training program that is tailored and modified to their needs.

3.Paying careful attention to form and technique. Adjusting the exercises form and range of motion pertaining to the client’s needs.

Lower back issues affect many adults and prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced personal fitness trainer can help tremendously with the success of the clients fitness goals.