In the personal fitness training industry, It is very important to make sure that the client is in good health. This way if they have any issues the personal fitness trainer is alerted and can work with or around those health issues. As  a at home personal trainer and fitness specialist. I recommend that all my clients get a routine checkup to make sure their basic health is in order. A family doctor’s checkup is very important to the client. If there’s any issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol problems and just general overall health. It is very important that a personal fitness trainer is aware of any health issues to the new client.

As a personal fitness trainer and owner of  of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.I am always assessing, measuring and looking for certain movement patterns. As a personal fitness trainer, one of my goals is to make sure that my client’s body is balanced. This is done by another form of assessment. Personal fitness trainers also have their own assessments. Looking for postural distortions, strong and tight muscles and weak and unbalanced muscles. After we assess and find with these issues are. A personal fitness trainer will set up a program designed to help client thinks those movement pattern issues. Then and will be much easier for the fitness trainer and client to reach their fitness goals without any issues such as injuries and setbacks.