Many people hire a personal trainer to help them reach their fitness goals. As an at-home personal trainer that helps people reach their fitness goals in the privacy of their homes or community gyms. I am highly aware of the value of an experienced and highly knowledgeable personal trainer. There are many reasons why someone would hire a personal trainer. Here are a home fitness assessment

  1. Making sure that you are performing the exercises correctly.
  2. Choosing the proper resistance and exercises.
  3.  A personal fitness trainer can help you vary your workout. That way you never get bored or stale in your routine.
  4.  Inspire you and motivate the client to reach higher goals.
  5.  Help with previous injuries and eliminate ( physical rehabilitation) aches and pains.
  6.  Advice with sound nutrition and lifestyle changes,
  7. Hold you accountable to help with reaching one’s fitness goals.

These are just a few of the many benefits a personal fitness trainer can help with when hired. The way I focus my personal training business is to help clients first get pain free and move properly. Moving properly is the most important part of fitness. Because without proper movement. Many problems can arise. Sure as old injuries that come back to haunt you. Faulty movement patterns that can lead to injuries and muscle imbalances,

Personal trainers help clients reach their fitness goals safely and in shorter times. When you work with a personal fitness trainer. Times fly quickly and the client enjoys the workout better because they are guided and focuses on by a professional. The relationship between the client and a personal trainer has many advantages. Because whenever there’s a relationship formed when two people have the same common goal. The results are magnified tenfold.

Hiring a personal trainer that has the experience and is certified in physical rehabilitation or corrective exercise is a tremendous asset in the long-term progress of the client. Many clients have muscle imbalances that need to be addressed. It is very important to first address these and balances and rehabilitate all the injuries. When the client has a solid foundation. Getting injured is less likely to happen. Which helps the client reach their fitness goals faster. Injury prevention is one of the key factors that a client should be aware of when hiring a personal fitness trainer.

Also working with a personal trainer one on one privately makes a big difference. I specialize in training people in their homes or the community gyms. These facilities or homes are very private and there are no disruptions. It is very hard to focus and concentrate in a  busy gym. Finding the proper equipment is very hard. Because someone might be using it when needed. In the comfort of your own home. It is probably the most time effective and results-producing. Personal trainers such as I, bring a little bag full of extra equipment to the home such as rubber bands, tubes, yoga blocks, or any additional tools that might help the client get a more infective exercise program.

Michael Metchikian is an at-home personal trainer, He also has a private studio available if need. He is a corrective exercise and sports performance specialist. He is a Level 3 NeuroKinetic Therapist, Scar release therapist. Postural restoration technique practitioner and lymphatic drainage protocols. He is located in Palm Beach( Delray Beach) and Broward (Pompano Beach) counties in Florida.

He can be reached at 561-400-7127