forAs a at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida. I’m fortunate enough to have a business where I work with my clients in their homes or apartment gyms. In-home personal training is very different than personal training in a fitness center or even a studio. No matter what the goals a client has such as weight loss, strength training, whole body workouts, cardiovascular training, and general fitness. I believe they are more obtainable in a private setting such as your home. the personal fitness trainer brings old equipment in a small suitcase. With an investment of around $150 for the client. They can have the basic tools there. The personal fitness trainer can bring the rest every session. Here are my top five advantages of training at home.

  1. First of all this nothing is more comfortable than your home. The client could be relaxed in an atmosphere that you’re comfortable with. This way they can get to working out in a private setting. That’s why many athletes, movie stars, and celebrities training the convenience of their homes. There is no distractions.
  2.  Fitness centers are very crowded facilities. Hundreds of people every day use the facility while there sweating and perspiring all over the machines and equipment. Many germs are spread through heavy breathing with individuals who are sick. Also sweating on the equipment can spread germs and bacteria very easily. Even if the room is circulated? Airborne bacteria and germs are very easily spread across a large area. An example that many people don’t know. Is when club members wiped down machines with those antibacterial cloths. Actually there spreading the germs into a greater surface area. There’s only one option really and that’s not the train in a public facility if you don’t have to?
  3.  Always with having to wait for weights or machines to be available is a common problem in all fitness centers. Whenever a client has to weight for equipment or weights? That is time wasting. The personal trainer’s goal is to be efficient and move smoothly from one exercise to another. Waiting for equipment prevent that from happening. In a home environment everything is available to the client as needed to be.
  4.   Getting the most on and the personal training session is the main goal of a trainer. As the client gets comfortable in the fitness center. They start socializing with other members. That takes away the focus and tempo of the workout. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see trainers try to overcome. The client socializing with other gym members. Also many times trainers are confronted to other trainers. And they feel to have to talk to them more than just the hello. It turns into a 3 to 5 minute conversation and that’s a lot of time coming out of the clients personal time.
  5.  This is one of the most important points in personal training. Many clients are not comfortable in large fitness centers. They are private people. Many are shy. There’s a very big intimidating factor with many clients working alongside heavily muscled men grunting and moaning. The idea is to make the client comfortable in the setting where they could work out to their pac That is why working out at home has many great advantage.

So whatever goals clients have. They could all be obtained working out in the privacy of their hom.