In my privates studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I get many clients that are over the age of 70. As people get up in age, when the most important areas and health is strength. Older people need strength. Even balance is affected by strength. Most adults fall because they cannot maintain themselves to weakness. By strengthening the whole body, the client will have more muscle mass to move around more efficiently, effortlessly and with confidence of risk of falling.

As a personal trainer who specializes in adult fitness, I am always looking for a routine that can help the elderly. Strength training in a personal training session is one of the most effective ways for a client to get the benefits of having a strong, stable and balanced body.

Many personal trainers in my view work too fast with their clients. Meaning they don’t take enough time to make sure the client is doing to exercise correctly. Rather than stopping the client and going over the exercise to make sure it’s done correctly. Most personal trainers I see just oversee the bad form of the client and let the client finished a set with bad form. This is something that is up to the personal trainer to correct. He must have the education, knowledge and also the teaching ability to correct during a set of repetitions. As a personal trainer is very disturbing for me to see other personal trainers not follow the rule of correcting a client’s platform or technique. That’s why me being on at home personal trainer. In my private studio there are no distractions, that way I could work with my client privately in my private studio and get their results they are looking for to obtain.