As a personal fitness trainer who has owned his own company, I have had my own business for over 25 years. I am always trying to upgrade myself and my company to be better at what I do. To be a complete fitness trainer, there needs to be many different avenues to learn and absorb. We not only have to be educated about fitness training but also give clients an experience. Every session has to be something new to look forward to so that the client comes back to us motivated. It’s not about working out a client hard till they fall on the floor. This is not personal training.

My practice is located in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area of Florida. It is an area that is full of fitness, yoga, health clubs and many people interested in staying fit. This area also has an elderly population, which needs trainers to keep their mobility both agile and strong.

  1. As a personal trainer, it is important to be able to give my client a positive experience in an exercise program. It’s not just about working the client out hard. It’s not a good idea to push them to the point where they break. The saying “no pain no gain” which was popular in the 70s is no longer true and is not advised for even the professional athletes. The new saying should go as “train, don’t strain.”
  2. My personal training business is comprised mostly of clients in their homes, apartment buildings, or country club fitness centers. At home, personal training is more personal, and I can get more done with my client and give them more bang for the buck. It’s hard to do that in a fitness club or a major gym chain. Gyms are just not good areas for personal training. They’re overpopulated, they have a long wait time for the machines, and the crowd could not be matched up to the client with their personal training needs.  In-home personal training gets more results, of course, with the right trainer.
  3. Watching a personal trainer with a client tells a lot about them. A personal trainer should have their hands to their client’s sides, ready to correct proper form and posture. They should be motivated and attentive to help the clients out in need of technique correction or motivation verbally. A personal trainer holding a cup of coffee in their hand, no matter how early morning, is not a motivated trainer. A trainer that has his hands crossed or in their pockets is not a motivated trainer. A personal trainer looks and dresses like someone ready to work and help the client with his or her fitness program.

There are many personal trainers. About three-quarters of them are not good personal trainers. And, about 5 percent are great personal trainers. A client wants a great personal trainer. Someone that is knowledgeable, has a positive attitude, a great outlook on life, and is really there for a client’s fitness program to give them tremendous results with a fantastic experience

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Michael Metchikian works with clients privately at home, apartment complexes, or the gyms of their choice. He brings a vast amount of knowledge in different scopes of training. He specializes in straight training, mobility, flexibility injury prevention and rehabilitation, Pilates-based exercises and endurance training. Michael’s business is located in a Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach and Pompano Beach area. Michael is a lifetime fitness trainer.