Many people today struggle with weight loss. They hire a fitness trainer and still no results. They go on a diet and still they don’t see the results. Many give up and blame the professional or nutrition program. One of the problems is that maybe they have not found the right eating program? Maybe it’s some commercial advertisement that doesn’t work long-term. Lifestyle changes are best for that.

Maybe they have not hired the right trainer? One that is experienced  with weight loss and the challenges clients have to go through to make progress. As an at-home personal fitness trainer. I come across these problems on a daily basis. Being experienced and having the know how to set up a client on a weight loss program is very important. Because clients will run into obstacles. They need an experienced fitness professional to help them overcome these problems.

Here are the benefits of why a weight loss program works better at home with a personal fitness trainer. Weight loss is very challenging because it has many dynamics to it. Just like any normal person everyone has different characteristics.

1.Training at home is more personal and result producing. Many people are self-conscious especially when it comes to weight issues. Exercising in a private                setting helps many people be more relaxed and at ease about themselves. This will help them concentrate more on their exercising and also focusing on                    their nutrition plan. Large box gyms are not for everybody. Many people like private settings to work on their fitness goals

2. Working one-on-one with a personal fitness trainer in a private setting has many advantages. First the communication is stronger because there no                            distractions. Also the time is more quality spent with the trainer. In the long run this yields faster and longer lasting weight loss results.

3. In a private setting the client can perform a larger volume of work. Because there’s no waiting time for machines for exercise equipment. The client can get              more work done. here is no waiting for equipment. This is a big plus for the client.

4. The client can perform the exercises correctly. Because the trainer is not distracted and is working one-on-one. The trainer can correct and adjust the form of          the exercise being performed accordingly. If this was a group setting. The personal fitness trainer cannot stop the class or correct everyone at once. One-on-            one makes it much easier for the client to perform the exercise correctly all the time.

5. This may not seem like an important point. In big-box gyms there’s lots of noise from music and people talking loud. This can be distracting to the client                  and the fitness trainer because it can take with them the focus of the work ou In a private setting like at home. The client can listen to the music they want                or no music at all. Having control of your atmosphere is very important.

In my at-home personal training business in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida. I have tremendous success with my client with weight loss. Because I have the advantages of training people in their own private environment. Whatever goals one has in life. the environment you surrounded by has a tremendous effect on the success and accomplishment of your goals.