As a personal fitness trainer in the Boca Raton Area of Florida. I am very honored and privileged to have such a variety of clients. As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes fitness and physical rehabilitation. My company five way fitness helps many people that need to get in shape but I have medical issues with their bodies.

  These are some issue that we specialize in.

  1. Joint replacements
  2. Muscle imbalances
  3. Cardiovascular problems
  4. Issues with pain while they’re moving
  5. Balance and flexibility issues.
  6. Special issues that other doctors or physical rehabilitation centers don’t have success with.

When hiring a personal trainer. It is very important to hire a trainer thats  certified and has experience not only training clients. Also helping the client balance out their bodies and get rehabilitated with the past or present movement issues.

Five way fitness personal trainers specialize in physical rehabilitation in many different modalities that help clients Lupe and free and achieve their fitness goals. The key to the success is a thorough assessment and examination of the client. This is done not only for the first session. Also every session that the client works with the trainer.

It is very important that the client receives special attention today past and present movement issues. Issues with pain and this function must be first corrected by a certified knowledgeable personal trainer. Only then can that client progress to structure fitness program pertaining to the goals he needs