Today more and more adults have issues with their body weight. Because of chemicals in foods. Eating the wrong types of food at the wrong times. Not getting enough exercise through a sedentary lifestyle. And also hormonal changes to our bodies. Many adults are overweight in a developing serious health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and, musculoskeletal problems. The medical community is not really that interested in helping the situation. Sure there are drugs you can take that will give you temporary relief. Operations to shorten your stomach so that you eat less. There are also diets that are designed for profit only. Such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem to name a few. These are temporary programs that are really not lifestyle changes. They don’t even recommend activity to their programs.

In my at -home personal training business in Boca Raton Florida. Many clients are interested in weight loss. Along with their fitness programs. My five way fitness weight loss program. I have devised a weight loss program, exercise routine primarily of strength training and added physical therapy exercises to help the body be balanced out. This is a very unique program. The  reason this program works and is so successful is that it is tailored specifically for the individual. Meaning through questionnaires and interview I find out through time what kind of food work best with my client. Teaching them a healthy lifestyle that they can sustain daily.When it comes To the exercise component of my program. Their assessments are done to see how the body is working and help the client strengthened their weak areas and balance out their bodies. This way there be ready for exercise and not get injured. And finally through my assessments. We always find old injuries. Balances to the body that causes pain and every day movement and especially during exercise. By a dressing all these components together. Only then can the client reach their fitness goals safely, effectively with  a positive experience.

Here are a few tips that could can help one lose weight and make it a positive experience.

1. Keep a journal. In my five way fitness program. I have a special custom journal that I handled my clients. Before every exercise session. We go over what they have eaten and their decisions they have made through nutrition and food This way by writing it down we can or change the program.  Journaling is one of the most important aspects of weight loss. Because whatever’s recorder can be measured. And what is measured can be changed to improve.

2. Strength training while in a weight loss program is a very important factor because it helps the client not only burn calories. Weight training is very important for a weight loss program because it helps maintain lean body mass. Simply put this a caloric deficit which every weight loss program has. The body likes to use muscle tissue for energy rather than to burn body fat when their is a caloric deficit.. In my in-home personal training business in Boca Raton. I have tremendous success with my clients weight loss programs with strength training.

3.  As the client progresses to a higher level of fitness through an aggressive exercise program. Also they are now losing body fat. It is very important to continue with the physical therapy program to make sure that the body is aligned and keeps functioning properly. As a client becomes more and more advanced. They need to be fine-tuned through exercises that maintains proper stability, balance and overall function with no pain and discomfort.

4. Last is a a few tips that really everybody knows. Through being focused too much on the main goal. They forget about these little factors. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to ensure proper hydration. Making sure they get their meals in throughout the day. This assures that their insulin levels are stabilized.  Focusing one day at a time through the weight loss program. Maintaining a positive attitude because there will be times when the weight loss program will slow down and results won’t be as fast as the client wants. These are times where there is need for moral support, motivation and a positive outlook for the future.

All these factors can be accomplished more effectively, efficiently with greater success when there is a Boca Raton personal fitness trainer involved in your weight loss program. Five way fitness trainers are trained to recognize if there is a lack of any of these factors that can prevent a client from reaching their weight loss goals. Results are what five way fitness personal trainers are all about.