Today, pain management is a big business due to inactivity, improper nutrition, and stress that we have every day. Many elderly or senior people live with pain on a day-to-day basis. Pain management for doctors and pharmaceutical companies is a multi-billion dollar business. Research continues to find more and more ways doctors can treat the elderly with pills, injections, and pain patches. One of the problems with this kind of pain management is this provides no permanent relief. People just have to continuously go to doctors and pay through their insurance or out-of-pocket to get help on a weekly or monthly basis. In a way, it’s the system creating people dependent on drugs and injections. There must be another way that people can get help to relieve their musculoskeletal pain.

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That’s where a personal fitness trainer comes in. A knowledgeable fitness trainer can help design a fitness program.  A properly designed fitness progracan dodo wonders for someone who lives with pain on a day-to-day basis. Restoring a client’s shoulder mobility and range of motion will enable them to live pain-free. Strengthening the lumbar pelvic hip muscles and giving the client mobility exercises for a pain-free back, as well as strengthening the hips and the quadriceps to help a client be free from the pain while walking or exercising, is all common.

A perfect example of this is with my at-home client Sabrina from Pompano Beach, Florida. When we met for our first consultation, she was on pain injections and patches. Her problem was her lower back and hip region, along with other problems that came and went, such as plantar fasciitis and neck pain and stiffness. I put her on a mobility program along with some basic stretches for her problem areas.  Each session ended with some strengthening exercises for the whole body. She had pain relief her first day of the fitness program. This is not unusual in my business. I’ve found that 99% of my clients get pain relief the first day. So it is very obvious that a rehabilitation program along with a fitness program can do amazing results in making someone pain-free.

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