As a personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. There are times when clients come to me not that into or prepared to work out. This happens to any level athlete, competitor or average Joe. There is a saying in the fitness business, 30% today is better than 100% tomorrow. What that means is just to the best you can and get a workout. You don’t have to break records or be very strenuous. Just accomplish a productive efficient workout. This is the responsibility of a personal fitness trainer. This is what is therefore. He gets paid to motivate you, inspire you and take you to another level of health and fitness.

So it would not be a bad idea after proper warm-up. Start a program which some full body movements, and incorporate a variety exercises that enables the client to just keep moving at a proper pace with good technique.

After a while the clients will lose a concept of time, because there will be focused on doing the exercises correctly. This way the workout will be accomplished and the client would be tricked into thinking that they were being not pushed hard enough. Actually it was no different than any other work out. As a weight-loss specialist I use this for my weight loss clients. A personal fitness trainer has a lot of tools available to them in his toolbox. It would be a good idea to go into a toolbox and sometimes use a variety of tools.