We all love salty and sweet snacks, but we must be aware of the fact that processed food comes with much more downsides than advantages. As a matter of fact, excessive consumption of snacks is considered to be one of the main reasons for the growing number of obese people and the occurrence of various diseases in people around the world. During so-called industrial processing of food, various additives, chemicals and flavor enhancers are added in the products in order to extend shelf life and these ingredients are anything but healthy.

First of all, industrially processed food contains high percentage of refined sugar and in some cases corn syrup with a high level of fructose. It a well known fact that sugar can be really dangerous if it is consumed in large quantities and on top of that it contains many calories. It doesn’t contain important nutrients, but only a high amount of energy. Sugar can cause an increase in levels of blood triglycerides, insulin resistance and bad cholesterol. It is now wonder why many experts link sugar with some serious diseases like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Since the number of snacks is growing, manufacturers are looking for ways to attract buyers by adding ingredients that make them tastier without taking much care about their effects on the human body. Our body has an inborn mechanism which should regulate the level of energy (how much food we consume and how much energy we spend) which has allowed people to maintain their normal weight for centuries. However, modern food manufacturers have found a way to bypass this innate defense system and make us eat more than we really need. There are numerous studies that have confirmed that some persons are addicted to snacks.

Most of the ingredients that you can find on the labels of processed food are probably mystery to you. Most of them are chemicals that are added to the product for various reasons. Processed food usually contains preservatives (to extend shelf life), emulsifiers for the texture, aroma for the taste and certain colors. Keep in mind that not all of the ingredients found in one product are listed on the label. For example, in many cases manufacturers use more general terms like “mixture” for example and buyers can’t really know what’s behind that term. If you notice the term artificial flavor then you can expect more than a dozen of chemicals in that product.