As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I have been having a tremendous amount of excess with my clients reaching their weight loss goals. It is very important for a personal fitness trainer to consistently try to motivate and inspire their clients towards their goals. Even though a client might train with a trainer 3 to 4 times a week. There is much time that the client will be alone the rest of week without the guidance of the personal trainer. Here are six helpful tips that a personal trainer can help their clients stay on the right track towards their goals. Especially new clients love hearing from personal trainers the next day. It really shows that you care about them and their well-being.

  1. Staying in touch with clients outside of the one-on-one personal training session helps tremendously. Saying sending a text saying how well they’re doing goes a long way. Mentioning little things on how proud they are, something new that have achieved in the last workout or a popular quote pertaining to their goals. Giving them a phone call and asking about how they felt about the last session. These are very little things we could do that have a tremendous impact on how client’s success in the long run.
  2.  Giving clients homework is one of the sure ways that a personal trainer can show that he cares about the client’s goals. It might be some new choices on foods to eat if the client is a weight loss program. Maybe a new rehabilitation exercise? The trainer could advise to do a few more sets are repetitions. Or taking a 20 minute walk outside of the workout just for some extra calorie burning and mind peacefulness.
  3.  In my in-home personal training business in Boca Raton Florida. Whenever my client pushes hard through a set or total workout. I always I always commend them and complement them about the job well done. Rather than giving them an extra work out if they refer me to a new client or discount on another package of sessions. I will give them 5-10 minutes extra personal training time along with their workout session. At the end of the session I do mention it to them in a positive way that I have given them extra time in the workout. I just say it in a different way. Such as we did great today you were able to even to 10 minutes more extra on your session. Spending extra time is a sure way that you client knows you care and will stay motivated in the long run.
  4.  It is very important to develop chemistry with the client. There must be a relationship and a personal trainer and client for both to reach their goals. Asking how do you feel today before each session and after? If you notice that there is a aching pain. Stop and talk to them about it. And maybe perform some modality such as foam rolling, stretching or trigger point therapy to help alleviate the problem. Point out to them when their exercise technique has improved. Even little things like wishing them a Happy Birthday makes the biggest difference.
  5.  Changing up the the workouts. Variety goes a long way in the exercise field. Clients get very bored of the same routine. No one wants a cookie-cutter workout. Always change up the workout. Adding new exercises, moves or changing up the sets and the repetitions of the exercises. As for me I really like to introduce new moves that help with rehabilitating the body or lots a lumbar pelvic hip work( core).
  6.  promotes self-direction or give your client positive choices. Ask them what they would like different to the workout? How you could help them with other new modalities of fitness that you are trained in? Give them choices to choose from. That way they have a say in their fitness success.

These six points can help tremendously with the overall outcome of a client’s fitness goals. In my at-home personal training business. I use these six points to help my clients achieve their weight loss goals. Becoming pain-free and moving freely. Having more energy and feeling better about themselves.