When it comes to fitness and practicing healthy diets, it seems that it is very difficult for people to find motivation and to stay determined. Most people today are struggling with their own weight, unhealthy food and finding enough time for exercise.
In most cases we give up of exercise quickly because we don’t find enough time or interesting exercises that can keep our attention and motivate us to continue. According to some statistics, nearly 75% of people who own a gym membership have not visited the gym more than once in a year. Fortunately, there are few small steps that each of us can take and than can help the effectiveness of exercise.

Use your legs

One really easy and affordable way to be physically active every day is to replace your car or public transport with your legs. Use your legs to move around the city. Walk, whenever you can. If your workplace is far from your home, wake up earlier and walk to work. You can also go on foot to the kindergarten and take your child. Walking can be good for kids too. If your job is far away and it is impossible to reach it on foot, use your car, but park it a little bit further away or get off the bus a couple of bus stops earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Don’t be afraid to include new things in your routine

You should change your running or walking route once in a while. You should also change the stretching exercises and your overall fitness routines. Try to find a new restaurant that is offering healthy food and research all the healthy food stores in your neighborhood. Create a small adventure of this transition to healthy living habits and getting in perfect shape. Don’t forget your family members and encourage them to explore these new habits and find seasonal fruits and vegetables and tasty recipes that can help you.

Small changes that really matter

When we talk about changing bad habits and elimination of unhealthy foods and drinks from our lives, you should know that you won’t achieve anything if you suddenly decide to make radical changes in your diet. Start slowly, with small changes. Every day remove one unhealthy food or snack from your diet and replace it with a healthy one. Try to find some fitness routine that suits your lifestyle or even better consult and hire a professional trainer.

Don’t try to keep up or compare with others

In many cases, what is good for one person doesn’t mean that it will be good for you. Try to be unique and be proud of the goals you have reached no matter if your progress is a bit slower than your friend’s progress. Don’t set goals and try to look like someone else. Focus on the health benefits you will get and how this change will make you feel better. Keep in mind that this is not a easy task, but it is definitely worth it.