Many people have a difficult time choosing proper meals and nutrition in the active lifestyles. In my in-home personal training business in Delray Beach, Florida, many new clients of mine are very confused about what to eat. There are so many infomercials and advertisements geared towards weight loss, raising energy levels, and maintaining one’s health. It can get very confusing to know who to believe, trust, or follow towards the path of good nutrition.

Nutrition Overview

There are many bad examples that people follow trying to get healthy and fit through nutrition. There are many bodybuilding trainers that recommend high protein meals with either a small amount of rice and a vegetable or a high-protein breakfast such as 6 t0 8 egg whites with a bowl of grits or oatmeal. The problem with most of these diets is it is not enough variety – just proteins, such as fresh meats, carbohydrates in the way of sweet potatoes are potatoes and rice, and some form of vegetables either mixed or just greens. This kind of eating is very dangerous because it does not offer much variety. In nutrition, variety makes all the difference in the long run because there is more nutrition in the ways of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and trace minerals. One example of all these bodybuilding programs is that when one eats like this through the years, they become malnourished and start to have problems. That’s why you see so many bodybuilders and weightlifters after they stop competing get very overweight and unhealthy. This is because of unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition programs.

Learning the Right Way

As a personal trainer, I try to teach my clients how to eat more wholesome foods and not just worry about high proteins and the carbohydrates. Varieties of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, and herbs are very helpful to us digestion and nutrition wise. Protein is important. But there are other sources of protein besides meat or chicken. There are a variety of beans that have high protein and are a great alternative for meat. Nuts, such as almond butter, cashews, and sunflower seeds are great sources of protein that could lead to a variety with added nutrition.

I know there is concern about gluten these days for many people with sensitive stomachs, but eating whole-wheat bread is very nutritious and really not harmful. Grains are important no matter what you read on the Internet through nutrition gurus. So, alongside having a great fitness program, make sure you are nutritionally fed through a variety of foods. Not only does this break the boredom but also gives you a longer, leaner, and rewarding healthy life.