Most patients that are released from surgical procedures usually are appointed to a physical therapist. The protocol is the doctor sees them after there surgical procedure or evaluation. Assigning them to a physical therapy center. I do believe this is a smart choice for most patients. I also do believe that after a certain time. The patient can look for a highly skilled personal fitness trainer that has knowledge int scope of the patients procedure. There are many advantages into’s advantages I’m going to a physical therapy center. I’m going to point out some advantages and disadvantages of both.

Hiring a certified personal trainer that has extensive knowledge in physical therapy is very important. Because after the 12 visits that insurance companies allow the patient is over. The patient needs more time to fully be rehabilitated. Here are some reasons why physical therapy centers are not my favorite choice for physical rehabilitation.

1. First of all there’s not much attention paid to the client in a physical therapy session. A physical therapist has to train three clients and do two evaluations every our for the physical therapy center to be profitable. This does not don’t allow enough time for the physical therapist to make sure that the patient is getting the full attention.