New Approach to Physical Therapy.

  More and more people today are choosing an active lifestyle. The aging baby boomers, elderly people, weekend warriors and nonathletic people all participate in some form of activity. The problem is not that they are choosing a healthy lifestyle. The problem is that either that they are over doing it, doing it improperly or choosing a form of exercise that is not compatible to their body type or conditioning level.

Physical Therapy Boca Raton

This leads to many problems such as muscle imbalances, musculoskeletal pain and injuries. The traditional form of treatment is Physical Therapy(PT). The problem is many people don’t get any relief from this type of treatment. There are many reasons why the PT treatment does not work successfully.

1. PT doesn’t focus on the basics.

2. Many PT programs are cookie cutter and one fix for various problems.

3. Many PT programs are rushed and either aggressive or not stimulating enough.

Most doctors do very little if any tests. Except for the usual MRI, CT and X-Ray. These types of imaging are not accurate. Many doctors are proved wrong by their diagnoses from imaging tests.

A New Approach to PT is having a qualified therapist diagnose the problem and give the proper treatment protocol. This treatment focuses on how muscles respond to each other Neurologically. Finding the root cause of the problem. Rather than address the symptom.

More and more health practitioners are use a new from of assessment called NKT (Neuro Kinetic Therapy). NKT is a form if assessment that tests muscle against each other to find out which ones are neurotically. NKT helps find the muscles that are aiding in a disfunction (pain).Physical Therapy Boca Raton

The Benefits of Neuro Kinetic Therapy are:

  1.  Accurate diagnose of the problem
  2.  Quick recovery time
  3. Fewer sessions for recovery
  4. Increases range of motion, improves strength through the body
  5. Helps with repetitive stress injuries
  6.  longer lasting results.

If you’re not having the success from the traditional PT Center, Give NKT a try,

Michael Metchikian CES, PT, NKT