Today more and more baby boomers are not able to exercise because of all the overuse injuries they had sustained training improperly throughout their earlier years. My experience being a personal fitness trainer in the Delray Beach Boca Raton,Florida. More and more clients has tremendous issues with shoulder problems, unbalanced back and hips and muscle weaknesses throughout the whole body. People over the age of 40 need to not only strengthen their bodies in a workout but also to have exercises that will correct issues.

Fitness professionals need to be highly educated in giving assessments at the start of everyone on one personal training session. It is very informed that the fitness professional has a tremendous amount of experience and qualifications to address a client’s fitness needs. Assessment is one sure way that they will learn what is wrong with their bodies in terms of form and function. This way the personal fitness trainer can adjust the workout accordingly to fit the needs of the client.

Just a few examples of assessment exercises are squatting or your hands raised shoulder level. Feet shoulder width apart. I declined doing squats. Fitness trainer classes get access the weaknesses in the client’s feet and ankles knees hips and upper and lower back. Then there could be the proper exercises prescribed to help the client regain form and function in that movement.  in all my personal one-on-one personal training sessions. I am always looking for postural distortions, unbalanced movement and asymmetry.Delray Personal Training

So I recommend what a client should look for in a personal training session. No matter what the goals are for weight loss, strength training, circuit or high-intensity training or balance and flexibility programs. Physical therapy should be always included in the program. That’s what makes a complete program.