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At Home Personal Training Boca Raton

At home personal training in Boca Raton is very much different than training in the gym. True personal training is done in the home or a private setting with very little people. Five Way Fitness of Boca Raton was created especially for people that do not want to train in a large facility that is always crowded and congested. Personal training is a private and personal choice. Many people that are  limited with time prefer to have someone come to their home or luxury apartment complex to achieve fitness goals. This is the ideal situation where someone can achieve their fitness goals safely with a Positive experience. Five way fitness of Boca Raton gives convenience of a personal fitness trainer coming to the home of the client.  The are many upsides to In home Personal Training. The client does not have to travel to a facility which is time-consuming.The trainer will bring all the necessary equipment to the client’s home.

If the client chooses to invest in a minimal amount of money towards purchasing some fitness equipment such as stability balls, rubber bands bench and a minimal amount of dumbbells. Fitness training at the convenience of your home has many positive factors such as you will be able to do more volume of work because you do not have to wait for any other exercise equipment that is being used. This way the workout that the personal fitness trainer has design for you can be carried out in the original format it was designed to. Unlike where you have to find another piece of equipment in the gym setting because the equipment you chose is in use. One of the great advantage of training at home is is no distractions and all the attention is on you.

The personal trainer can communicate easier and more effectively in a private setting.  There is no other members saying hello to you or chitchatting. Which is very distracting and takes away from the focus and the tempo of the workout. Also your home is a germ-free environment. Where in a gym or health club facility. There’s always members that are  sick and still working out. So there’s always airborne bacteria from a room full of people huffing and puffing and spreading germs through sweat sweat, heavy breathing and also touching equipment throughout the gym. No matter how clean your gym is? One can wipe the equipment down. It’s doing more harm than good by spreading around the bacteria and sweat. That’s why all celebrities, professional athletes and high-level businessman. Choose to do personal training at their residence. Working one-on-one privately is really the best and most efficient way to reach your fitness goals fast, safe and, fun. Invite A Five way fitness of Boca Raton personal trainer to your home and work out. Plus when you finish your shower is right around the corner, No rushing back home.Boca Raton at Home Personal Trainers

What is a Personal Fitness Trainer?

A personal fitness trainer is a very special person. Personal trainers are invited to clients homes. Changing their lives for the better. Personal fitness trainers work alongside their clients helping them reach their fitness goals. There are many characteristics and qualities that make up a personal trainer. They have to have a personality that is very people orientated. Personal trainers must have a deep commitment to help people get fit and healthy. They must be positive, attentive and very hard-working. Patience is a great attribute for a personal trainer. The knowledge and skill of knowing exercise and nutrition is just not enough.  Being highly skilled as a personal trainer is very important. Having compassion for a client that needs help is very important. Making sure they are doing the exercise correctly all of the time.

They have to be 110% interested in the client’s well-being and success. A personal trainer is someone who does not give up. They are constantly trying to better themselves by learning and experience. This way they have the proper knowledge and training to help clients break through barriers not only physically but also mentally. A personal trainer can help a client for weight loss, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and overall improvement of quality of life

Why Our Personal Training Assessments are different?

Assessments lay down the foundation of a workout. An assessment is not only history of what the client has done in the past in terms of exercise and fitness. But also how the body is working currently at this stage of their lives. Most adults over 40 have two to three postural problems related to their body. As the body ages even with exercise, there are tremendous imbalances that occur through this process. Most people just continue to function with these imbalances till the body gives out. Many times these imbalances can be ignored because there is no pain or discomfort.

This is where a thorough assessment of what the client’s current level of fitness is done. many factors come into play in an assessment. Going over injuries in the past, past rehabilitation is discussed,  surgical procedures must be disclosed. Medications that are taken prescribed by Doctor are discussed. And also supplementation is documented. There is more to an assessment than PAR-Q. Special assessment exercises are given to see if the client is moving properly and without weaknesses are are noticeable. Once the trainer gathers old information. There is a workout designed pertaining to the client’s individual needs. In every workout there is a portion that is an assessment. This is where most personal trainers don’t talk about this subject because they’re not knowledgeable. The body is ever-changing muscles are tightening or loosing. Just as levers and mechanics in a machine. It is the job of a Boca Raton personal fitness trainer to analyze, understand and adjust the workout so the clients issues are addressed.

Every month it is advisable that as the client is working out in their fitness one-to-one program. That there is 5 to 8 minutes dedicated to assessment on issues that the fitness trainer notices during the previous sessions. If the client asks what is if they’re not any imbalances? The answer to this is, there’s always muscles that are tightening and loosening as the body is ever-changing.

Why Our Five Way Fitness Program Is The Best?

Boca Raton  Personal training Program by five way fitness is a special unique program unlike any other fitness training program.

There are 5 components to physical fitness:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance
  2. Muscular endurance
  3. Muscular strength
  4. Flexibility and balance
  5. Body composition (nutrition)

In any personal fitness program, there must be at least 3 components of the five listed. This makes it a true fitness program. So if you were just going to do a running program (cardiovascular) workout and then stretched. That’s not considered a fitness program. A better example would be. Some muscular endurance work such as bodyweight exercises. A few circuits with some strength training machines and dumbbell work. And then some physical rehabilitation work for problem areas pertaining to the client. And then finishing off with the flexibility and soft tissue work such as foam rolling. This is a complete program. No one type of training is a complete fitness program. Examples of these are weight training or strength training. Any kind of cardiovascular work such as fast-paced walking, elliptical Machine or the stationary bike. Stretching and balance exercises. Is not a complete fitness program.

The reason Boca Raton Five way fitness is so successful is  is that we just do more than the regular fitness routines. There’s also a tremendous portion of the workout dedicated to physical rehabilitation and keeping the body pain free through movement. This is in very important for the client as they can live their lives moving better with unlimited potential to enjoy life. One-on-one personal training with a  Five Way Fitness instructor is a whole  another experience. The workouts are constantly changing, it’s never boring, progress is seen on a daily basis or per session and the potential for the client to reach their fitness goals and surpassed them is realized very early in the relationship between the personal trainer and client. Thus motivating and showing the client that the sky’s the limit to their fitness goals and up.

Five way fitness of Boca Raton is a very special and unique program. What makes it special is that just like every client has their own special and individual goals. We have special trainers that would complement the special client. Matching a personal fitness trainer with the client is not enough. One the reasons that we are so successful. We find the right personal fitness trainer for the client. Personal training just like the words sound. Is that personal is a very private, special and working relationship that our client has with their coach or trainer. It is very important for the client to be matched up with the right personal trainer. At Boca Raton Five way  fitness it’s all about relationships and success. Once a client is matched up with a perfect fit with their personal fitness trainer. The results are limitless. Just more important than motivation and inspiration. Our personal trainers are compassionate, understanding and work with you in your challenges towards your fitness goals. In any business, sport or relationship. Chemistry is very important. That’s why getting the special trainer for you the client is very important. Because you the client are SPECIAL