Men and women need to be trained differently in one-on-one personal training sessions. As for group classes. I do not believe in them because there’s no personalization. There’s a greater chance for injury and developing problems such as body imbalances and bad habits that would be hard to overcome. Personal one-on-one training is a true way to work on a goal privately what a personal fitness trainer. Be it if you want to lose weight, gain strength or improve your fitness level to the next level? I believe doing is one-on-one is the answer. There is one problem, men and women with the same goals need to be trained differently. And there are many reasons for that. And they all will help the individual lose weight or get in shape safely, effectively and with fun. Men and women have different goals. But what happens if you come across men and women that have the same goals say they want to get strong, they want to lowered their body fat level.

Men and women have a connection with their bodies that is different. Meant to want to put on muscle mass such as their arms or chest, gain strength or just look fitter and leaner. Women might want the same goals. They need to be trained differently. This might sound a little to stereotypical. In my in-home personal training business and Delray Beach Florida. I come across this problem quite often.

A one-on-one personal fitness trainer that trains people at their homes has the advantage because they could spend time with the client in a more private setting. This enables them to do work more efficiently without interruptions.

One example would be say arms. When men come to me to address their problems with their arms. They either want the arms to be bigger, more muscular and shapely. For the most part size is the key goal. It’s a list is a body fat issue.

When a woman has issues with arms. Either there is a high percentage of body fat on them or they are too thin and weak. Whenever I try to accelerate her progress by giving her higher intensity and adding on more resistance. There are not always accepting. Because their connection is that they’re going to get haltingly big and look on proportionate. Which is not the case.

There are many other body parts that I could give these examples to. So the take away home messages. You have to know what your client’s goals are and work with them not only physically. Convincing them with your knowledge that the workout you have planned for them will give them the results they seek.

One of the advantages of being at-home personal trainer