In this busy world today. More and more people are having a hard time finding time to take care of themselves. They make bad choices when ordering food to eat By not preparing their meals at home most of the time. They don’t make time to exercise or they don’t know how to exercise. Exercise has changed over the last 20 years especially for adults. As we get older our bodies change. are muscles become weak and atrophied. Our ligaments and tendons start to break down and tear. We develop muscle skeletal pain primarily because of an activity. We lose our sense of balance and flexibility. Also we develop postural problems such as rounded backs and extended necks from faulty movement patterns.

When the average adult starts to exercise. Usually they join a large box gym. Are given instruction on how to use the machines. Now they’re on their own. No guidance or instruction on where to start. How to make progress slowly and safely. They are surrounded with people that have various goals may be unlike their own. The end result is they give up. It’s not their fault actually.

The solution is very simple. Hiring a personal fitness trainer that could spend time with the client in a private setting. This way the new client gets all the attention privately and is taught how to use the equipment properly and safely. Also one of the most important attributes to a personal trainer is that they will assess you and find out what your weaknesses are and imbalances. This way they could implement a safe and effective program that will help the client make progress in their fitness goals. Here are my top five reasons why an adult over 40 should hire an at-home personal trainer for safe, fast and effective results. Plus it’ll be fun getting in shape working with someone that understands your needs and goals.

  1. Choosing a personal trainer) adult age is very important. Hiring someone that is in their 20s and year let’s say 55 is really not a good combination. There’s too much of an age difference. The trainer is too young to understand the adult’s needs and  goals because of the age difference.
  2.  Because of the busy schedule of adults. Hiring a fitness trainer and setting up a time between 2 to 3 times a week can help keep the client consistent with their working out. This way they have a marked in date every week that they have to show up and exercise. Setting up a date and making a commitment is one of the keys to exercise success.
  3.  Personal trainers are very knowledgeable and lifestyle changes. They’re great at giving advice on how much water one should drink? How often a client should eat? Anything to related to health and fitness consistency can be learned by hiring of fitness trainer. Personal fitness trainers can help with setting up a client on a balanced diet that is healthy and the churches. Whatever their goals are either be at to maintain a proper weight or weight loss.
  4.   Holding someone accountable for their actions is one sure way to get results in fitness. Personal trainers can set goals such as weight loss, strength, and endurance. These goals are recorded into a journal. This way the client sees the progress they make. Seeing progress is one sure way to keep the client motivated and inspired to further reach their fitness goals.
  5.  Personal trainers can help with making sure the client does the exercises correctly. Proper form and function is the key to exercise success. This way the client will get the most progress effectively, safely, and the fastest time possible. Without the risk of injury or useless exercises.

These are some of the simple recommendations that I use to help my clients make progress safely and effectively in the least amount of time. In my at-home personal training business inç Delray Beach and Boca Raton Florida. Clients really enjoy getting in shape to stay active in the South Florida Sun.There are many benefits to being healthy such as being active in your lifestyle, being pain- free of joint and muscle pain, having energy to live your life, and investing in your future health for years of happiness to come.