Doing a full body workout in a personal fitness training session is once sure way to maximize results. As a personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private studio. I have tremendous success with clients who would like to do full body workouts. There are so many different areas of fitness that of full body workout results in. Cardiovascular fitness, strength, using all the muscles in the whole body is just some of the many benefits of full body workouts.

Many times clients prefer whole body workouts. They are more aggressive in terms of burning calories and reaching fitness results faster. As a personal fitness trainer I am always asked what type of workout so I recommend, my answer is whole body workouts. They are so much more complete in terms of reaching the full fitness range from strength to cardio vascular fitness and while resting during stretching and balancing exercises.

Also, and whole body workouts there is tremendous room for variety because you can incorporate dozens of dozens of various exercises. This keeps the motivation fresh for the client and also the trainer.

Rather than doing a regular body part routine or just cardio. Try taking 12 to 18 exercises after warming up and alternating from lower body to upper body. You’ll be amazed at the results and the feeling of a complete workout. More and more personal fitness trainers or using full body workouts to reach fitness success for their clients