As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss. I come across many of my clients that are confused and not properly educated on the fundamentals of weight loss. Weight loss does not have to be rocket science. Many people make it more complicated that it is. Always searching for new tricks to take their weight off faster and easier. The truth is it’s a very simple process. It’s not easy. But it’s simple. Here are some simple tips that I use at my five way fitness at home personal training weight loss program.

  1. One of the most important factors in a weight loss program is relationship. When you’re working with your personal fitness trainer. There must be chemistry between the client and the fitness trainer. Weight loss works better when is done in the team. That way the client gets all the help they need because they are the same page as the personal trainer. It’s hard to accomplish a goal when two people are are not on the same page.
  2. Food journaling is one of the most important things that a client can do on a weight loss program. When the client writes down everything to heavy for the day. The fitness trainer can review it the following training session. Making corrections or giving recommendations with better food choices. Giving choices to a client is a very important factor. Because when clients have choices. They can make a better selection and they feel empowered. It is very important to monitor food and menu selection by food journaling.
  3.  Strength training is very important when it comes to the exercise component of weight loss. In a weight loss program. The client’s calories are restricted. Now the client uses their own fat that is stored as energy. Strength training helps maintain muscle mass. This is very important. Because the body likes to use muscle mass as fuel rather than fat in a weight loss program.
  4.  Aerobic exercise is recommended in a weight loss program. Taking a 30 minute walk daily will help with a little more calorie burning. It is not recommended to do strenuous aerobic work. The 30 minute walk will not only help burn some calories. It could also alleviate the soreness from a strength training program the client might have. Plus it is very important to keep the mind calm which is done by aerobic activity.
  5.   This is one of the most important recommendations I have to offer. Eating 5 to 6 small meals a day can help tremendously with weight loss. Small meals are easily digested. Is recommended three small meals and two small snacks. This also helps with metabolism and  feeling full(saity).

I use these five simple steps in my five way fitness weight loss program. At home personal training allows me to get personal with my clients. This way I can learn more about them and their eating habits at home. Their social eating habits. And also the trigger points when it comes to them binging or overeating. Boca Raton Florida is a beautiful place with the sun shining all the time. I believe that people are more active in southern Florida. Thus enabling to them to be more conscious of their bodies and how they look. Even though health is important. So not only keeping a healthy body weight is good for your health. It also makes you feel good about yourself,