As a personal fitness trainer in the Boca Raton, Florida area.  I am always challenged by new clients coming to me with various health issues. One of the examples I would like to give is a new client of mine. She has had many serious health issues. Such as cancer, removal of her cervix and severe osteoarthritis. Along with that she has two frozen shoulders. And also tremendous inflammation throughout her body. Now she has gone through all the doctors and all the treatments pertaining to his issues. She has tried physical therapy which did not help. So she found me to help her with her issues.

Once I assess their. I was overwhelmed out about how severe heart issues might be. After assessing her. I told her that we could lightly start moving certain areas very passively. She was very excited to start working out. As the workout progressed I noticed that she was having a very hard time moving. So we called it a day and just did some breathing and relaxation techniques.

What I would like to share with you is. Since I’m an at-home trainer. These people really need someone to guide them through an exercise routine. But most important they need someone really caring and passionate. Someone that will spend the time with them even if it’s over the time that she is paying me for. Someone to listen to her and try to understand her struggle to get better. She even said to me please don’t give up on me. That to me took me by heart. As anyone knows of me in my profession I take it very seriously. Never giving up and always looking for ways to help my clients.

This happens many times to many clients. With a personal trainer does not believe in the client’s ability and determination to succeed. This happens in weight loss programs. Where personal trainers take on a new client for weight loss. As time goes by they don’t stay with the program with the client. Then the client stops trying. At the end all she is doing is just exercising with the personal fitness trainer. Even though she hired him for weight loss program.

My recommendation to personal fitness trainers is Stay with your clients. Believe in them. Have faith in them. Inspired him with education and knowledge to take them to a higher level of what their goals are. In the end you will be rewarded in many ways.