Most people when they get injured or have a pain in a certain area of the body. They make an appointment to go see a doctor. Usually, it’s an orthopedist. The NKT Boca Ratondoctor will ask where the pain is? He might manipulate or palpate around the area that is affected. Usually, the doctor will prescribe pain medications. Physical therapy or surgery. The problem is is that the doctors guessing what the problem is. Even if they get MRIs, CAT scans or x-rays. These testing protocols are not that accurate and sometimes misleading. There are many examples of surgeons operating on a patient only to find out that there was no issue or problem to the area in the surgical procedure.

In this new era of high technology and modern times. there’re more effective ways that help people get themselves back into an active lifestyle or exercise without surgery or the standard physical therapy programs that I have failed many people. There is a form of treatment and assessment call NKT( NeuroKentic Therapy). It’s a revolutionary type a protocol that helps the practitioner identify the root cause of the problem. NKT is an assessment that’s very unique.  it is the gold standard when it comes to treating people who have issues with injuries, pain, and discomfort when they move.

What is NKT?

Neurokinetic Therapy is a revolutionary new type of test that identifies the root cause of pain. Whenever we get injured the MCC( motor control center) in the brain likes to remember the faulty movement pattern. This pattern is compensation. Which alters the movement. Which then creates an imbalance. NKT protocol reestablishes the correct motor control pattern in the brain. To restore proper movement.

NKT practitioner runs a series of manual tests that identify the muscle that is overactive and underactive. Through the NKT protocol, the muscle imbalance is reprogramed to its normal proper function. Then the practitioner assigns re-patterning exercises that help balance, restore function and maintain proper movement patterns. NKT offers faster, longer-lasting results for a wider variety of conditions than most other systems.

Benefits Of Neurokinetic Therapy:

  • Finds the root cause of the problem.
  • Performing the proper exercises to correct the problem
  • Restore pain-free function to the area. 

Neurokinetic Therapy Is Good For Anyone:

  •  Who feel Pain through movement
  • Who wants to move more efficiently
  • Active individuals who are still playing sports

Frequently asked questions.

How long is a session?

Sessions last between 45-60 minutes

How fast will I see results?

Results are seen instantly. Most people leave with less pain.

How many sessions do I need?

One to there sessions.

Will I have to do exercises at home?

Yes, the NKT practitioner will sign a few exercises. They are pretty easy and comfortable

Do I need to go to a gym or buy exercise equipment?

NO gym required. The Therapist will have the equipment to purchase.