As a personal trainer and the Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida area. I’m always mindful to make sure that each and every session. That my client always getting the best that I have out of me in regards to fitness program. What I have noticed by studying many personal trainers is that they get comfortable with their client and they don’t push them or give them enough of a personal training experience in their session. What I think I got they don’t change the sequence of the exercises. They don’t play close attention to form and technique in the given exercise. Generally the personal trainer had is in the clouds. This used to happen to me in my early stages as a personal trainer. In all due respects very rarely happened to me but I did notice sent me. But because I care about my profession have a tremendous passion towards it. What is important to me is that I give every workout to every client the most I have in regards to motivation, knowledge and safety. Of course making fun, personable and giving them a personal trainer and experience that only Michael can.give.

It is very important as a personal trainer to pay attention to yourself to see how your interacting with your clients and how mature offering them in regards to a great workout and experience. Before the session I take a few moments to think about what I wanted to with my client and plan a workout that is designed  for them and their fitness goals. By doing this I always making sure that I give my client the best I can give and also as a personal trainer making myself better by oars being aware of the needs of my clients.

One example I can give one of my in-home clients in the Boca Raton, Florida area. As many know I am an  in-home personal trainer which goes to people’s homes, apartments and also the gems of their choice. This not only gives a personal touch to a client. But also I make it a priority to give them the most I have every time I see them or speak with them. I am a leader in the coming for my leadership in regards to the health and fitness.