The number one reason why people get hurt in an exercise program is a poor foundation. Many people start an exercise program improperly. They just start going to gym. Warm up as best they know how. Then start exercising what they have learned from the past. This is very dangerous. Also very little results can be obtained by doing this type of program. This leads to injuries, lack of motivation, and eventually discontinuing the exercise program.

   This type of exercise approach was used  before the year 2000. There have been many advances in how exercise is implemented and started today. There are many goals in a fitness or exercise program. Here are a few.

  1. Staying injury free,
  2. Rehabilitating old injuries and muscle imbalances.Physical therapy Boca Raton
  3. Laying out a strong foundation
  4. Choosing the proper exercises towards your Goals
  5. Learning proper form and technique
  6. Learning when enough is enough
  7. Rest and recovery
  8. Nutrition

   I want to focus on the first two bullets in this article. Injury prevention is number one. First this is insures that you’ll be able to make progress in the future. This is the pitfall that many athletes and average people fall into.

As a personal fitness trainer who specializes with  helping people reach their fitness goals safely. This topic is very dear to my heart. Whenever I step into a fitness center I notice all around me people training incorrectly. As I watch them perform the exercises. With my expertise. I can tell that eventually they will get into trouble by being injured or no make progress. This could be avoided. Having someone that is a fitness specialist set up a program that is designed for their needs.

Staying injury free is really pretty easy to do. First getting the body to move properly is the key. Eliminating any faulty movement patterns. Many people today move improperly. They also move with pain. The first things is to start a program that helps one move properly without any pain. This is done through a careful thorough assessment. Having a fitness specialist assess improper movement patterns  and corrected them  is a major step towards moving freely. Along with performing the exercises properly. Many personal fitness trainers aren’t qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat these types of issues. As a corrective exercise specialist and then Neuro Kinetic  Therapy Practitioner. This is one of my specialties. A acronym for this is called NKT. NKT is the special protocol the  practitioner  takes the client through a series of tests assessing their issues and problems. The test clearly shows how the body is working improperly. The therapist  then can give certain exercises to restore the correct movement pattern. This will help the client move properly, enabling them to concentrate  on proper form and technique with their exercises.

Once this is accomplished. The corrective exercise specialist or personal fitness trainer can start the client with a solid exercise program. Laying down a foundation  that would help the client get better results and quicker.  Keeping the client pain-free to reach their fitness goals. Moving correctly is very important in an exercise program. There are many protocols today to help people move freely not only with  exercise but also outside of the gym. This can only be implemented by a very knowledgeable and experienced movement specialist.

The first two bullet points are very important for anyone that’s starting exercise program or has pain from an old or existing injury. The first goal should be the client get out of pain and move properly. The number one reason people get injured is not form or technique. They don’t move naturally well. Correcting  movement patterns in one’s daily routine is very important.

Michael Metchikian NASM, NKT, CES, CNS

Boca Raton Vicinity