As a personal fitness trainer., I have a lifetime of exercise and nutrition knowledge. Let’s not even get to the advanced stuff. I’m talking about basic knowledge, fundamentals and all the nonsense that people associate with how to be healthy and fit.

I was at a wedding last night and Fort Lee, New Jersey. The table that I was seated at, I was very fortunate to sit next to a very high really reputable tax accountant, his lawyer wife. The other three couples were also a doctor, and a very successful businessman in the hotel and restaurant industry.

The night was filled with interesting Smalltalk and complements. Of course asked me what I did? I told him that I was a personal fitness trainer. I had a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park New Jersey. That I worked with my clients alone. Helping them reaches their fitness goals and keeping then pain-free and active in they’re adult lives.

As I got talking to these couples I was just amazed at the false information that they were given and practice. Such is just getting on the treadmill and doing 20-30 minutes of walking. Considering that to be a routine that would enable for you to function better and live an active life. That date bowls of fruit. How healthy that was for them. Of course all these people, except for one person. The rest of the couples were overweight and had tremendous issues with their health. In their minds they thought they were doing the right thing and run a pretty good track to keeping the health and fitness in the right direction. I felt really bad for them. I just kept my mouth shut. I motivated then and encourage them to keep trying to do the best they can to get fit. One of the guests also had a personal fitness trainer. I questioned them on some simple topics to see if he had any education or bases while working alongside this personal fitness trainer. He was clueless.

The only complement that he can give to his personal fitness trainer was that he was a nice fellow.

In my private fitness studio, in Cliffside Park. I am very proud. That I not only work with my clients to teach them guidance and keep them on the right track to getting fit. By also try to educate them on what’s going on so they can be aware of the process to getting, keeping and staying fit.