When I go to train for myself at my local fitness center. I try to watch personal trainers with the clients. I am always trying to learn something new on how to train a client more efficiently and creatively. I am also always trying to learn how to set up a relationship between the client and the trainer. Also it is very important that I keep pushing by always learning and working hard towards helping my client achieve their fitness goals.

I see many trainers come into gyms with a smile on their face. They greet their clients and start putting them through an exercise routine. I don’t see any notes or anything written on what they have done last time or a carefully thought-out program. Basically what they do is they throw exercises at them that really have no structure or actual need for their improvement. Many personal trainers just give exercises that our clients according to what the equipment is most convenient and near them. This saves lot about the trainer. Just that the client does not recognize or understand what is going on. They put their faith in the trainer’s hands and really hope for the best. I am going to give five examples of what a hard working trainer is supposed the exemplify or do

  1. Does he keep a journal of the exercises you are performing. The rest times, repetitions, sets, and the tempo of the workout.  If there’s no records of what the workout? How is the client to know if they have made progress?
  2.  Constantly correcting the form and technique of the exercise performed is one of the major reasons why clients hire personal trainers. In my at-home personal training business in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. This is my major asset. I am always correcting and adjusting my clients form and technique according to their body type and fitness level.
  3.  Personal trainers are supposed to be very inspirational and motivating individuals. It is important that when the client perform something correctly or finally gets to do the exercise right. The personal trainer can encourage them by giving them positive words such as, now you’ve got it, great job, you’ve come a long way. Inspiring clients is what personal trainers are all about. One of the major ways to do this is through words and actions.
  4.  Understanding and caring for a client. There’s going to be a time in the workout session. Where the client fence to the personal trainer about their personal issues. The personal trainer should be sensitive and caring towards the clients issues. Also realizing that there’s a workout to be done and performed. Personal trainers should never discussed their private matters on their clients. It’s the client that needs help not the trainer. This bit of business advice can go a long way towards a positive relationship between a client and the personal trainer.
  5.  This is probably the most important point I would like to make. It is very important for the personal trainer to take new courses on exercise or their chosen interest in the field. Knowledge is very important. Learning and growing in your profession is one of the keys to success. Working hard towards gaining more knowledge reflects on the work you do with the client.

It all comes down to how serious and dedicated a personal trainer is towards their client’s goals. it takes hard work not only for the client to get results. Also for the work a trainer has to do to have that client reach their fitness goals.