As a personal fitness trainer that works with his clients at home in the Boca Raton in Delray Beach area of Florida. One of my most important qualities I possess as a personal trainer is to make sure that my clients to the exercises correctly. Informing function technique is everything. When I go to many box gyms or boot camp facilities. I’m overwhelmed and taken back on how bad form has gone awry  in the exercise session. In boot camps people are just doing the exercises wrong with no instruction or guidance. Even in fitness centers. The personal fitness trainers are not paying attention or just letting the client perform the exercise incorrectly. This to me is a total injustice to the client and is very unprofessional for the fitness trainer. Here are some key characteristics that a client could look for when they want a personal trainer that delivers results.

  1. In personal fitness training instruction is the name of the game. It all starts with a personal trainer first exemplifying and demonstrating the correct way to do the exercise. Then the client is instructed to follow the same pattern of movement. Many times personal trainers don’t take the time to stop the client. And go over the exercise with them while they demonstrate the correct technique. Rather than stopping and showing them the correct technique. They just let the client performed exercise incorrectly. The client does not know better and just keeps going. This is a very big injustice in the personal training field. There should actually be the head of the department of fitness. Walking around and making sure that the fitness trainer’s on correcting the clients and giving them full attention.
  2.  Today when all the distractions of cell phones, TVs, and music. There’s not enough concentration on the exercise being performed. Remember you’re working the movement not the muscle. Doing exercise correctly makes all the difference when it comes to progress. Whatever the goals are such a strange training, general fitness, weight loss, or any type of movement. The importance is that the personal trainer is on top of the client making sure that they’re doing the movement correctly.
  3.   In personal one-on-one training. There is no room for screaming yelling. Inspiration and motivation is key and is dictated by a strong voice that not only gives construction but is calm and informative. There is no need for trainers to be screaming and yelling. It’s unprofessional. It also stresses the client out.
  4.  Many personal trainers don’t pay attention to the clients. That too busy talking to other gym members. Or watching the TV or just not being focused on the client’s task at hand. I noticed this pretty much on every trainer that I come across in a gym. Rather than the trainer be focused and inspired on delivering results. They’re too busy just trying to pass the time away.
  5.  Exercise selection is very important in the progress of a client. Every client is different and they need to be assessed and given exercises that will help them make improvements in their fitness goals. Too many trainers just put out fluff or do the exercise or machine that’s closest to them. That’s because they have not written out a workout program pertaining to the client’s goals and needs. Just basically filling the timeout until the session is over.

Is very discouraging to see these kind of trainers in the gyms. That’s why hiring an experienced five way fitness personal trainer can make all the difference. You training at a private facility such as your home or apartment gym. There’s no issues with cleanliness. Also the five way fitness instructor brings all the equipment necessary for your workout. It’s a no-brainer to hire a at-home  five way fitness personal trainer.