As a personal fitness trainer who works with clients at home or their apartments, I get many clients who have many issues with musculoskeletal pain. They complain about stiff necks, tight shoulders, back pain, etc. Many of these issues can be corrected through rehabilitation through stretching. Spending just 5 to 10 minutes a day on the areas that one has a problem with can make all the difference. Simple stretches for certain muscles can help bring back the function and relieve pain permanently. Many times, personal trainers are challenged with their clients’ pain during their fitness program. An experienced and educated personal trainer can assess the client’s issues and help them to alleviate the problem. Exercising with pain is not recommended. That’s why hiring an experienced fitness professional to help you through an organized fitness program makes the difference.

Flexibility is very important in regards to movement. If a certain muscle cannot be taken through its full range of motion, it causes other muscles to take over. That creates an imbalance that leads to pain and loss of mobility. The end result is that the training person loses their ability to move properly. This leads to injury and pain.

Here is an example of how I helped one of my clients in Delray Beach, Florida with her back issues: I had my client lie on their back with her feet straight. I handed her a rubber band, which she put across their arch on their foot. The client held the rubber band with both hands. She raised their legs up, knees locked, and performed 12 to 15 repetitions bringing her legs down to the floor and over her head. She held the stretch for three seconds. This type of stretching is called active stretching, which means that you’re putting the muscle through an active range of motion. It is very result-producing. My client felt instant pain relief in her lower back.

It would be a good idea to do 3-4 stretches per large muscle groups per workout. The selection of stretches should be determined on what muscles need to be worked. It is not a good idea to stretch muscles that are loose. Loose muscles are weak muscles. They should be strengthened instead. Give it a try. Your body will thank you.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES

Michael works with clients at their at homes or apartment complexes. His uniquely successful Fiveway Fitness program helps clients become pain-free and fit. For your own fitness program, be sure to contact him today!