As a personal fitness trainer and  owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I am always confronted by clients that had had injuries in the past. Their main complaint is that the injury that had years or months ago is still lingering. Time to time we are going to have issues with our bodies. Shoulders are going to get strained. We’re going to have our lower backs being pulled or misaligned. We are going to get aching knees and twisted ankles. These common injuries are inevitable to someone that wants to get in shape and continue on a fitness program. The problem lies is what most trainees do when they get injured. Either they rest and when the pain goes away they tried to get back into the normal program. Or they shy away from the exercise that gave them that problem. Or even so, they start a physical rehabilitation program. Just that the program is not tailored to them and can be too aggressive or not enough result producing. The one thing’s for sure rehabilitation is needed.

As a personal fitness trainer went over 30 years of experience in the fitness field. One of my major focuses is on injury prevention and rehabilitation of specific areas. Many times when we strain are back. We rested and then slowly tried to resume our physical activity. The problem here is is that one has to know why they strained her back. One a definite answers is that the torso was not balanced and wasn’t functioning properly. Giving way to the lower back being stressed out and injured. The solution to this is a physical rehabilitation program set up by a fitness trainer. Physical therapists are ideal for properly rehabilitating the injured area. But through insurance and high costs they are only limited to a certain amount of sessions. Plus all you do is just work on that injured area which could take sometimes an hour to two hours. It is actually very tedious and boring work. On the other hand seeking a highly qualified personal fitness trainer that is highly educated and experienced in physical rehabilitation is priceless. Because not only will you get your  fitness goals accomplished. You will also rehabilitate the area that have issues with such as your back. A highly qualified personal fitness trainer can give you the proper amount of sets, repetitions and the tempo to do the specific exercise correctly while you rehabilitate the injured area. Paying careful attention to form and the way the  injured area moves is very important to getting results in physical rehabilitation. This may sound that all physical part therapist to this. I have seen for the most part quite the opposite where they try to train 3-4 people in the same hour. Never giving the quality attention and instruction to one individual. Personal fitness trainers especially someone like me that does one-on-one work. You’ll get the quality attention, instruction, and results needed to be pain-free in your activities.

In closing, physical therapy month sound like a very major intimidating procedure. It’s actually very simple. having a professional give you the instruction needed to work on the areas that are to weak link in your chain. The 5-10 minutes you spend in the personal training session during the rehabilitation work is very important on the results in the future you will obtain. Seeking a highly qualified personal  fitness trainer that is experienced and physical rehabilitation will reap great rewards later on down the road in your health and fitness goals.