More and more of the baby boomers today are living with pain. From weekend warriors, ex-professional and college athletes, and even business executives are living with musculoskeletal pain. Many people from their 40s through their 80s are living with tremendous muscular and joint pain. Pain makes people paralyzed. Pain is very crippling and debilitating. Since most people don’t know how to relieve pain naturally through movement and exercise. They lean towards medications such as  nonsteroidal over-the-counter medications, Dr. prescribed pain pills and no so relaxes, injections such as cortisone or epidurals, and even sometimes recreational drugs. All these methods are quick fix solutions. They are not getting at the root of the problem.

The answer is simple movement. That’s where an experienced fitness trainer can help. As an at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area of Florida. Most of my clients have some issue with pain. Either it’s an old injury or something new within the last year. It is movement related. And what does, it limits the individual from living their lives actively. Since most people don’t know what to do. Since they have tried to exercise and have been in more pain. They do what the natural solution is to do nothing. Which is the worst thing to do. Let’s say you don’t know what to do?

Personal trainers are not only helpful in weight loss programs, strengthening, endurance work and even balance and flexibility. An experienced fitness trainer can assess the client that complains about their injuries. Set up a program where they rehabilitate the injured and painful area. I cannot go into detail about the protocols us personal trainers use. Because everybody is different. I will give an example of a lower back. Most lower back so weak. And even though the pain will go away. Scientific research says it will return. The key is to strengthen the area and make a durable and stable for the person to be active. I will give some examples of areas that need to be strengthened and stretched to have a painful longbow pelvic hip complex otherwise known as core.

  1. The gluteal muscles are usually very weak muscles on most people. Strengthening the glutes can make the biggest difference in back issues. If the glutes are weak they will not be active enough in movement. This will make the lower back work harder, overused and eventually painful. A recommended exercises include bridges. It’s a very simple exercise lying on the floor with your knees bent. You can YouTube it in as many videos on how to performance.
  2.  Strong of  abdominals make the midsection very doable durable and stable. Adding some of the omelette exercises like a simple stability ball crunch can make all the difference on activating the muscles in the abdominals. Making them strong to protect the lower back.
  3.  Walking is a game changer for a pain-free back. Walking properly with good head position, shoulders rotating side to side and a proper gate goes a long way towards having a pain-free back. Walking for 20 minutes a day can make a difference to maintain a proper pain-free back.

These three simple tips are valuable tools that can help the average person with a simple back problem. Of course everyone is different. This is a basic fundamental routine that can be used with everyone to help them maintain a pain-free back.