There are many components and dynamics that make up the  the business and professional relationship between a client and the personal trainer. As a personal trainer who has been training clients for over 25 years. I have a come across a few key points that are very important for client to consider when hiring a personal trainer.  My business is mainly going and homes to my clients. Most of my business is in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida area. I have a tremendously high success rates with clients  Between the ages of 40 to 90 years old. This is very rewarding for me as I get to see a lot of people’s lives change. Many go from being very sedentary lives due to inactivity to tremendous active lifestyles as they progress into a healthier more active fitness program. Here are my three points which I would like to advise for new client on selecting a personal trainer that’s right for them.

1. Is it a good fit between you and your personal trainer?

In your first session with your  personal trainer. Along with them instructing you on the assessment and exercise sequence. See how mannerism is. If you respectful an attentive to your needs? Are they motivated upon giving you exercise instruction? Of a personable and courteous and have a special way of teaching by giving examples and motivating you. But also giving you encouragement rather you just critiquing you to put you down.

2. Are they fit? As a personal trainer one should look and act the part. They should have a special glow upon their appearance that exemplifies them leading a healthy lifestyle. Contrary to popular belief, most personal trainers do not work out. Just because someone is thin does a mean they’re fit. Just as someone is big and husky doesn’t mean that their strong and athletic. Asked them what their exercise routine and their beliefs on what fitness is.

3. Another good point to ask a personal trainer. Is there concepts on doing a variety of different methods of fitness. Hiring a personal trainer that is a bodybuilder and specializes in bodybuilding workouts. This is not a good good idea for an elderly person. The elderly don’t need strength training and some bodybuilder exercises but they also need  stability exercises, balance work and flexibility. It would be a good idea to find a trainer that specializes not only in strength training, but also rehabilitation of different areas of the body, weight loss and has a special knowledge of making people pay free, and believing in just more than one method of exercise.

Michael Metchikian CPT,CES,NASM

Michael works in the Boca Raton and Delray beach, Florida area. He takes his practice to people’s homes, apartments and the gym of the choices.

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