As an at home personal fitness trainer that specializes in getting adults healthy and fit. I am always challenged to help certain adults that have issues with pain and movement get fit. Fortunately, I specialize in helping adults rehabilitate their injuries, move without any pain, and successfully and safely get back and reach their fitness goals.More and more adults are reaching out to personal fitness trainers to help them with their fitness goals. The one problem is is that adults have many issues with aches and pains that they have developed through the years. The goal is to find a personal trainer that knows how to rehabilitate the client along with getting them fit. If the client just starts out on a program. The muscle balances, injuries, and dysfunction will prevent them from to continue to exercise safely.physical therapy at home pompano beach

1.One of my modalities that I use to rehabilitate clients, when they start an exercise program with me it’s called Neuro kinetic therapy(NKT). NKTIs a form of manual muscle testing that helps the practitioner figure out the root cause of the dysfunction. Is a very highly effective, gentle and very successful mortality used to help find what areas are not working right. This Therapy is the most modern and successful form of physical therapy rehabilitation available today!

2.The next important assessment to the client should be postural restoration. This is a modality that uses the rib cage to make sure that the extremities upper and lower are aligned and working properly. If the body is not aligned. When the client starts an exercise program.The imbalances will cause the client pain, faulty movement eventually leading to injuries.

3.The next important factor to consider with the client is breathing. If the rib cage and diaphragm are not working properly. They’re going to have trouble breathing. When they start exerting and pushing through exercise. That leads to many problems with the way they move and they’re in endurance.Boca raton stability therapy

4.Many adults have problems with their lymph nodes. As we age our bodies don’t detox or purify properly. Lymphatic release is a mortality that is very simple. It is an effective tool that the trainer uses to help the client clear the toxins hidden through their bodies, It takes 5-8 minutes to perform this simple and effective release.

5.Many people have surgical scars, accidental scars, cesareans from childbirth, and certain procedures.There’s a special scar release protocol  called McLoughlin scar protocol release. It’s a 5 to 15 minute procedure that releases scars that hold back facia, muscles, and disrupt movement patterns leading to pain and injury.

When the client uses these assessments which take about 15 to 20 minutes time with their workout. Then the trainer can safely give them exercises that will help them reach their fitness goals. Then they could start working on strengthening, flexibility, endurance, balance, and weight loss and live their life pain free.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, PRT, NKT Level 3

Michael works with at home and his Pompano Beach, and Delray Beach location in Florida. He is very passionate and knowledge with people who want to get fit, move better, get out of pain, He speciality is to rehabilitate injuries along with helping the client reach their fitness Goals