The holidays are a busy time with family get togethers, office holiday parties, and meeting with friends for social reasons.

Weight management, no matter what time of year, comes down to having a program to minimize overeating. During the holidays it’s no different. Here’s some recommendations to help not sink the ship during the holidays — a proven program to help control hunger and minimize self-destruction. This secret is to plan your day with simple fixes to help you be in a nutritionally stable state mentally and physically.

The Ten Commandments of Holiday Health

1. Exercise is king. Exercise daily with a goal to burn a certain amount of calories. That way you can balance your caloric expenditure. Early morning is recommended. This way you get your workout in before your day gets too busy.

2. Stabilize your sugar levels. Eat small meals balanced with protein and vegetables. Remember going to a party or dinner event when you are starving is NOT a good idea. Be feed right. If you know it’s going to be a long night, eat a small meal with protein and vegetables before you go, then there is no rush to eat right away.

3. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. In the winter months. Dehydration is easier to ignore than in the summer months. Dehydration sometimes signals hunger and feeling of tiredness. And, for the next day. There is a saying, “the best thing for pollution is dilution.”

4. Watch the alcohol. This is one of the worst food triggers. Have only one or two drinks spread over the course of the evening. That’s it.

5. Relax your mind through meditation. Five-to-eight minutes of sitting in a quiet place. Remember stress makes you eat more, then you lose the focus to control our appetites and overeat.

6. Get enough rest. When you’re rested, glucose (sugar) levels are stabilized and hunger is lessened.

7. Breathe. Yes, Breathe. When you don’t breathe correctly — through your abdominals — rather than you chest, you deprive yourself of valuable oxygen delivered to your body. This is just another stressor that can lead to going to the donuts and sugar drinks or snack foods that are unnecessary.

8. Know when enough is enough. During the holidays you are invited to some really lavish affairs — house parties with the home-cooked main courses and special desserts. Tasting them is okay. Don’t go overboard and just go crazy without thinking. This just sets you up for more uncontrolled eating. Be prepared to say that you’ve had enough after a few mouthfuls of tempting dishes.

9. Be mindful and prepared to make good solid choices when preparing your plate. Eat healthy and enjoy the moment. Be aware when it can get self-destructive.

10. When you go off the rails, go valiantly. If you going to have cake, get the best cake. Some office goodies that don’t look good— just leave them alone. Have the good stuff. Just control how much.

11. Remember think positive. When you eat something that is not good for your health, think positive. There is research that if you think negative, fat might store easier. Let it go.