As a personal fitness trainer who goes to in-home clients. I often notice why my clients have a greater success rate than other personal fitness trainers. I often train myself personally in a fitness center. I noticed all the trainers just going about their business and a very lackadaisical and lazy fashion. I see the trainers slouching on the equipment. It is very easy to see their body language exemplifying boredom, laziness and no interest in the client goals.

It doesn’t seem like they’re inspired to help their clients reach their fitness goals. In Delray Beach and Boca Raton area where I go to my in-home clients. My concept and attitude towards my clients reaching their fitness goals is completely different. The difference between five way fitness personal trainers and other personal fitness trainers is the way you are trained, taught how to do customer service correctly and have a deep interest in the well-being of others.

When hiring a personal trainer is more than just having a trainer to has a good body. Has a high level of education, Has has extreme confidence in themselves. A personal trainer is very easily defined. They have a passion to help others reach their fitness goals. They care about people that they’re working with. They are educated constantly. Because the field is changing constantly.  There are caring and understanding approach towards the client’s fitness goals such as weight loss, strength training or general fitness.. Personal fitness trainers should not be pushy or embarrass a client when they are not getting the proper technique to form. Instead have a compassionate understanding to teach.

Hiring a personal trainer is a difficult task. Either you get lucky by a referral, running into someone in or outside the gym. Trying a few different trainers. Till you meet the right one for you.

Chemistry has a lot to do with the connection of two people trying to accomplish the same goal. This is why hiring a fitness professional that has the best interest toward your fitness goals is very important. When hiring a personal trainer. I suggest paying attention to how he speaks to you? How his level of instruction is in regards to showing you a new exercise or critiquing you on the other. Try to feel and understand his patience level.

Does he get frustrated when you don’t do the exercise correctly. Do they make you pause and stop. Say let’s try it another way?. And give you the confidence and understanding of the movement. Or does he just let you slide by not paying attention to your form and technique. These are very important factors to consider when hiring a personal trainer. Most clients never understand these very simple characteristics of a coach or a teacher. This is why they have no understanding of why they’re not reaching the fitness goals. And pretty much the best thing they could say about their trainer is that he is a nice guy. You’ll love him. Rather than you have to meet Michael. He is very inspiring, motivated and understanding. I have learned a lot from him and look forward to seeing him during my personal training sessions.

As I meet my clients in the Delray Beach in Boca Raton area. I remember all these characteristics that I talked about. Always trying to be a better person, personal fitness trainer. The bottom line is. How much happiness, experience and success you deliver in your one-on-one personal training session. This will carry over to the next session.