In my personal training business in Delray Beach, Florida, I’m contacted by many people to help them become pain-free. Most of my business is working with clients over 50 years old. Almost all of the population over 50 is experiencing some sort of daily pain. Issues with lower backs, knees and shoulders are very common with people over 50. One of the best remedies for pain issues is movement. There is a saying that “motion is lotion.” That’s why it is very important to incorporate rehabilitation exercises in a fitness program.

Back problems are very common in over 85% of the American population. Many Americans choose to take either pain killers prescribed by their doctor or over-the-counter medications. Of course, all these treatments are just temporary. They do not fix the underlying problem of becoming pain-free. A good personal trainer can assess the area that the client has pain. Setting up a good physical rehabilitation program in the client’s workout can do wonders towards relieving pain in the desired area. Another important issue is that a client cannot train if he is in pain. A physical rehabilitation program is a must. A personal fitness trainer can design special stretching exercises for the area that’s affected. Help the client perform exercises that help the area become strengthened. Finally, put it all together by doing a mechanics exercise that helps the body move together as a unit.

In today’s modern society. There is no excuse why someone has to live with pain and take medications on a daily basis. Setting up a well-programmed fitness program along with physical therapy can help the client get back on their feet and live an active and pain-free life.

If you would like a fitness program to help you regain the movement and strengths you’ve lost, be sure to give Fiveway Fitness a call! We look forward to helping you!