Many adults have old injuries that prevent them from reaching their fitness goals because of pain and discomfort during movement. Men and women after 40 all have issues with some kind of injury or overuse syndrome. Many adults neglect injury and just do whatever they can and work around it. Many don’t exercise at all because they feel that they might reinjure or make it worse. Some have tried physical rehabilitation and they have not improved. There are many reasons why physical rehabilitation doesn’t work. It’s my belief that the physical therapist is not highly experienced. They just follow the same cookie-cutter one fits all program for all individuals.There many different modalities of physical therapy such as an NKT, muscle testing, massage or many other forms and ways to get the body to be pain-free and move freely.

In my in-home personal fitness training business in Boca Raton. Many of my clients come to me with help with their previous injuries. Many have tried physical therapy, yoga, swimming or just trying to fix it themselves. One of my passions is to help people move freely without pain. Pain is a signal that tells the body that there’s something wrong. Exercising through pain is very dangerous. Because not only it could lead to other problems. It can alter the body’s movement patterns and create tremendous and balances in the individual. Best to seek a professional. from all my education and experience. Most people that have pain can be helped with the right fitness program and rehabilitation.

To give an example of a successful rehabilitation program. One of my new at-home clients. He just got a shoulder replaced six months ago. Before his shoulder replacement he did one year of physical therapy to gain as much strength and range of motion before the procedure. After the procedure he had a physical therapist work on the shoulder to help it with flexibility, stability and full range of motion. As he got better and better with a shoulder. He hired me as a personal fitness trainer to help them work his whole body. We trained everything with patients around his shoulder issues. He was able to keep this physical fitness level at a very high level during this process. As time went by we added more and more strengthening exercises that will complement his shoulder issues. It’s amazing how staying on top of your health works when someone is focused and hired the right help towards their fitness goals.

In my in-home personal fitness training business. In all my one-on-one personal clients sessions. I incorporate at least 30% of the time for physical rehabilitation exercises pertaining to my clients goals and needs. A few exercises pertaining to people who have bad backs will go a long way in maintaining a healthy back. One or two exercises for the shoulders to maintain good arm and scapula rhythm.This will help the client in the long run keeping their shoulder in the right place and sort of guarantee no issues in the future.

My advice for future new clients is to seek a qualified fitness professional That could come and work at the privacy of your home. Bring all necessary equipment such as rubber bands, the stability map, weighted balls and other necessary equipment. all these tools can help tremendously help the client be pain-fre Then and only then they could slowly progress toward aggressive exercise level which will give them results in whatever fitness goals that have such as weight loss, strengthening the body.