As a personal fitness trainer who works with his clients at home in The Boca Raton Area Florida. I have included in my training protocols a very unique and successful from of therapy called NKT( NeuroKentic Therapy).  NKT is a system that helps the practitioner successfully determine the problem why people move with pain. We are have had injuries from sports, accidents, joint replacements, and illnesses, The problem is once the body has been injured and altered. The MCC ( motor control center) remembers the faulty pattern. This pattern is altered because of the injury, When a pattern is altered? There is a imbalance. The imbalance causes a issue with improper movement,  Which results in more imbalances and increased pain,

NKT is a very successful cutting edge Therapy that eliminates the guess work out of find out faulty movement patterns and returning active people back to the exercise routines and active lifestyles.

As a corrective exercise specialist. I incorporate NkT with Personal fitness training helping the client do the exercise correctly. Paying careful attention to detail and proper execution.

At-home personal training is a very challenging profession.

NKT compliments Personal Fitness Training. NKT helps the personal trainer resolve any imbalances and movement issues.

NKT and Personal Fitness Training are very successful combination of treatment for the client.