FitnessWe don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but you can’t lose weight simply by exercising. You can’t get healthier by only adding 30 minutes of cardio to your day. Many people justify their eating habits with their exercise habits by thinking to themselves “I can have a second slice of cake! I went for a run today.”

Unfortunately, it’s that sort of thinking that gets people stuck in a fitness and nutrition rut that they struggle to get out of alone. Transforming your body into the best version of you involves a total change in your lifestyle; this includes both your diet and exercise regimen.

When you schedule training with Fiveway Fitness, you will receive a holistic approach to your wellness. This means you can expect assistance when it comes to meal planning and understanding nutrition. Before you sign up for our Deerfield Beach fitness program, be sure to check out the following basic nutrition tips to keep you on track:

Don’t Drink Sugar

Your brain does not register sugar in drinks the same way it does in solid foods. What this means is you will still be hungry even after drinking a giant Mountain Dew. Sugary drinks can also lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease. We recommend switching to water as frequently as possible. Tea and black coffee are also good options for when you want something more flavorful than water. Fruit infused water is also a wonderful way to get some vitamins and stay hydrated in the Florida heat!

Avoid Processed Foods

Processed junk food is the main cause of obesity. Unfortunately, our brains are addicted to processed foods because of the sugar they contain. All of these foods are low in fiber and most nutrients, yet they are filled with empty calories that make us hungry again, faster. Aim for whole grain bread and fresh veggies to keep you fuller on fewer calories.

Eat Your Vegetables

Your mom was right! Eating vegetables is a wonderful way to get your fill of fiber and nutrients without worrying about gaining weight. Just be sure to you cook your veggies without fattening additives, such as breading. Find healthy oils and seasoning to add instead to add an extra bit of flavor. Vegetables can help you reduce your chances of heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke. We recommend eating at least one serving of vegetables a day with both lunch and dinner.

Consume Protein

Protein can be found in many different places, so you have lots of choices when it comes to getting your fill! Foods like eggs, meat, and dairy can help keep your protein levels healthy and helpful to your body. When you lack adequate protein, you might notice trouble losing weight, low energy levels, and even mood swings! Be sure to check your protein intake regularly.

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If you aren’t sure how much of each food to eat or what foods to avoid, that’s where we come in. The professional personal trainers at Fiveway Fitness know how to shape a diet to cater to your body’s individual needs. No more fad dieting and overexercising for minimal results. We can push you at the perfect pace to see improvement and growth. Call us today to learn more about our Deerfield Beach fitness program!