As a personal trainer that does in-home visits in Delray Beach, Florida. I’m asked many times about the frequency of my clients are supposed to train with me. Having a an in-home personal trainer has many advantages. The training is done at the convenience of your home or apartment. There’s no drive time. You are comfortable and private setting. And you are to clean and bacteria free environment.

I have been in a personal training business for over 25 years. My recommendation is that a client consistently train between 2 to 3 days per week. This is the optimum amount that is necessary to make improvements. Whether it be it your goals are weight loss, pain free management, strength and conditioning or all of them together. The reason for this amount of training days. Is because the body needs to recover and rebuild. Training breaks down muscle tissue, taxes you nervous system and uses up a lot of your energy. The client needs to take the time to rebuild their bodies and recover through proper rest and sound nutrition. Once the client reaches a plateau level after a few months. Then adding on a a 3rd or 4th day is acceptable. This way to client has a good base and foundation with a fitness training program. They can add on an extra day because now they’re in shape and can take on more intensity, resistance and longer training sessions.

In my personal training business in Delray Beach Florida. Because it’s always Sunny in the weather is great. This is a great opportunity to go out and recover with some outside activity.  I believe with sound nutrition and rest. The recovery is faster and more efficient. The sunny weather is very therapeutic for the body. It is a good idea for a client to take advantage of the outdoors, fresh air and sun.