As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes in medical issues and disabilities. I’m always striving to improve the health and quality of life for my clients are disabled or have specific disabilities. It’s very rewarding and challenging to work with clients who are disabled. Everyone needs fitness and health in their lives. This goes for people who have had joint replacements, weight issues, diabetes, or any kind of neurological brain disorders such as strokes, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s disease. People with these issues can achieve a greater quality of life and slow down and stop the progress of the disease. There are many benefits that someone can achieve with a personal fitness trainer. Here are some benefits and advantages of training with a certified personal trainer that specializes in medical issues and disabilities.

  1. A certified personal trainer can assess the client with their issues and set up a program pertaining to the needs. This is done by testing movement patterns, strength, and endurance. An assessment is the most important part of the beginning of a personal training session. Because the personal trainer gets to learn a lot about the clients’ issues and needs. Only then can they set up a customized program.
  2.  Special considerations are very important to people that have medical issues. As an at-home personal trainer. My clients get the individualized attention they need to make progress toward their fitness goals. In large fitness centers that are very busy. Someone with medical issues can get lost in the hustle and aggressiveness of other members that are not sensitive to the clients’ issues.
  3. Beginning a strength training session can be very important to a client that has atrophy of the muscles. Once the client is able to move pain-free and has confidence with them. Strength training makes all the difference to regain musk restraints, endurance, and confidence.
  4.  A personal fitness trainer the motivation and enthusiasm high for the client by giving them a variety of exercises. Occasionally switching them which makes it more interesting and adds variety to the workout.
  5.  Safety is a major issue with people with disabilities. Having someone that does know how to spot and keep an eye on the disabled person is very important. Personal trainers are trained to make sure the client does the exercises correctly and safely.
  6.  Personal trainers are trained to motivate and inspire their clients. Having someone beside you while your training can make a big difference in the motivation and enthusiasm of a personal training session.

Adults with disabilities deserve the proper guidance, inspiration, and results that a personal trainer can give them. Five ways fitness personal trainers are trained to deliver excellence in personal training sessions at their home or community gym. As an at-home personal trainer who works it with his clients in the Boca Raton Florida area. I am making a big difference and helping people that are disabled get back their lives.