In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I get often asked that question on how intense are my training sessions. Being a personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist. This question is quite easy to answer, because everybody’s different. Everybody starts out at different fitness levels. We all have body distortions and muscle imbalances. Also there are various ages that take an account on how a client should be trained.

It is best to start all clients slowly into an exercise program. First assessing their limitations, their muscle imbalances and their overall fitness. This is a very important part of an exercise program. All personal fitness trainers need to be educated on how to start a client off in an exercise program. This is not so easy to do because every client is different and has different issues. The personal fitness trainer must be familiar with many assessment strategies, physical rehabilitation protocols and good awareness and judgment.

In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, every exercise program from a beginner to the most advanced has a physical rehabilitation protocol and assessment part to it at the beginning of the workout. It’s basically an assessment and the warm-up in one protocol. That way I can tell how the client moves and there have any issues that I can take care that day before we start to get into an intense program.

Intensity is a very broad word to me. There are many ways to make a workout intense. A personal fitness trainer can make a workout difficult by less resting periods, increasing the resistance of the exercise, increasing the repetitions or slowing down the count of a repetition. These are all little tricks the personal fitness trainer’s use in their protocols to get people fit in a safe manner. Often ultimately the client has the belief in a sense that they have worked out and been productive at it.


Michael Methikian, NASM,CPT,CES

Michael has been a personal fitness trainer with over 25 years of experience. He has a tremendous amount education and making people pain-free and make them strong and fit. He is also weight-loss specialist that guides people towards a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, movement and well- being.