Many personal fitness trainers don’t to assessments before they start to work with the clients. An assessment is one of the most important things a personal trainer can do before starting his client on an exercise program. Besides doing a Para Q questionnaire. Taking measurements, weight and before and after pictures. An assessment is the best tool towards helping a client get back in shape or reach their fitness goals. An assessment is the only way a personal trainer can determine how a client’s body is moving. Many clients that are new to personal training have many imbalances working against them. Tight muscles, weak and inactive muscles, postural problems and poor movement are major problem in many adults. This is why all trainers must assess before starting an exercise program with their clients. Also retest every two weeks or monthly.

As a personal fitness trainer who works at home in the Boca Raton area of Florida. I specialize in assessing the client for any postural distortions or imbalances they might have. By finding out their problems. I design a program along with their fitness goals and how to correct their issues. In an hour fitness session. I dedicate 15 minutes to physical rehabilitation work and corrective exercise. All national certification courses have assessments built in their fitness programs. The problem is is that they very general. Boca Raton five way fitness trainers are trained to assess the clients for any movement issues.