Today more and more adults today are being diagnosed with neurological disorders. Even at a very early age.

The doctors send these patients to physical therapy centers. These physical therapy centers are not educated enough to provide the special help needed for a Parkinson’s patient needs. Basically they give them simple exercises. That’s don’t address the issues of the Parkinson’s patient.

  As of five way fitness personal trainer. I’m educated towards helping Parkinson’s patients get the care and exercise they need. That way they can continue living the lives as best they can. Delaying the disease as long as possible.

  This takes a great amount of education and experience for the personal trainer two know how to handle someone that has a neurological disorder. Most trainers will just give them simple exercises that they give the regular clients. This is not the case. Parkinson’s patients need to be assessed carefully. Through muscle function tests. This way through the Assessment. The personal trainer knows exactly what muscles need to be activated or released. This will undo any balances that the Parkinson’s patient has. This wait they can exercise with less limitations. Improving they’re functional ability, strength, and the balance.

   As a five way fitness personal trainer who specializes in going two peoples at-home in Boca Raton area of Florida. I have a tremendous passion in helping people neurological adversities.

Disorders such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Brain trauma disorders. Knowing how to assess the client with their physical limitations and issues is the first step other personal trainer who works with these types of people. Working with people with neurological disorders requires a very special kind of physical therapy. This type of physical therapy is not the traditional type. This requires meticulous attention to detail in regards to how the body moves and functions. It is very important to the client has someone don’t know is how to work with these limitations.

   Many of my clients in Boca Raton in Delray Beach have made tremendous progress with this type of training. This is my special program that I have devised through the 25+ years working with people with various issues. It takes a special kind of personal fitness trainer to get results. As an at-home personal trainer. I find it very rewarding helping people overcome their adversity’s. Having them retired 12 active lifestyle and living their lives on their terms.