As a  personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside, Park New Jersey. As I train my clients to reach their fitness goals. I see so many examples of how fitness can change one’s life in so many positive ways. This is just more than looking aesthetically good. Fitness is even more than feeling good and being healthy. Here are some of the examples of how fitness can affect one’s life and in a positive way.

1.  Attitude means many different things in fitness. It means how you carry yourself because you feel good about yourself. It means a positive outlook you have a life because you are doing something to preserve and maintain your health and well-being. It means how you look at other people and treat them and have sympathy for their needs. It means how you could affect someone’s life because you are in a good place doing the things necessary to keep you healthy and achieve your goals with no disruptions in your well-being.

2. Fitness is almost a guarantee that you will be healthy in the long run if you practice it. Buying being fit and healthy we are less likely to have elements that are triggered by our environment. There is a saying that genetics load the gun and environment pushes the trigger. We can control the environment by moving correctly, breathing properly and exerting ourselves in a workout where we create a positive effect on our bodies. Fitness is one of the best things you could do to preserve yourself and stay away from most diseases that we get. Diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, blood pressure are all affected by someone not moving in long periods of time. They’re all statistics that are pointing towards a healthy lifestyle of fitness and nutrition that could prevent most of these diseases. Even though we are not guaranteed that fitness will prevent them 100%. I will tell you this as a personal fitness trainer when you need a procedure or operation performed on you. It is very important to be healthy enough to go through the procedure. So sometimes if you get a disease even though you have an issue. How healthy you are will determine if the doctor can give you the protocol that is needed to heal you.

3. Living life. Let’s face it at any age if you’re 40, 50, 60, and 70 years old and beyond. How well you move is very important to living your life. Getting involved in the fitness program is one of the ways you can combat any issues such as poor muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance and cardiovascular health. All of these pillars can be confronted and dealt with in a single training session. We cannot live life if we have poor energy, no muscle strength or vigor and vitality. All these gems come from fitness and activity done in a controlled setting.

4. Pain is one of the major issues of the baby boomers. Everybody 40 years old and beyond has back issues that they cannot function their daily routine with. Shoulder stiffness and weakness. Needs that are  creaking and  and painful. One of the ways to get rid of pain and discomfort is to exercise. Of course this exercise has to be designed specifically for your needs and issues. Finding the experience  personal fitness trainer is priceless when someone has issues such as pain. Pain can lead to depression and other health problems. There is no reason to deal with pain. The key is to attack it. How do you do that when a proper exercise program design to relieve the pain through balancing the body, promoting blood to the muscles and doing an overall physical rehabilitation program specifically designed for the client.

5. You are the most important person in your  life. We cannot be good parents, friends, or husbands and wives without being healthy. The most important person in the world is you. Take care of yourself. One of the major ways you could do that is  doing an exercise program. Once your health goes there goes your ability to take care of others. It is great importance and a very positive thing to do is to maintain one’s health. Once your health goes you can no longer provide for your children and your family. You must stop and take care of your health which puts a hold on everyone’s life.

6.Living will today’s modern fast-paced life with stress. Daily stress from work pressures, finances, deadlines, and family issues can cause havoc on our nervous system, immune system and mental health. Exercise has been proven to release stress and help the body invigorate. Daily exercise is essential for cleansing the body’s  calming nerves, clearing the mind and  keeping blood flowing throughout the whole body. Exercise also helps to relax the body afterwards. This is essential for restful sleep and a relaxed state of mind. Working out a few times a week when a certified professional fitness trainer is one sure way to combat stress. A personal fitness trainer can help you set up a program that is constantly changing and evolving as you are in your life. It has been a proven fact the stress is one of the factors for heart disease and other health issues in today’s society. It’s also proven that exercise reduces stress and helps eliminate the harmful  effects that stress provides.

As a at home personal trainer that sees the benefits of fitness every day in my clients and others around me. I could tell you from my heart that getting involved in a structured exercise program is one of the best things you could do for yourself and everyone around you. By doing an exercise program you’ll not only be helping yourself but also you’ll be helping the people around you lead a better life. Exercises  is like leadership. When you do it not only are you taking care yourself. You are also setting a great example of the benefits of fitness and health to others around you. I most guarantee it will show by how you move, how you look at people and how you go about treating of others now that you feel good about your health and yourself.

Michael Metchikian NASM,CPT,CES

Michael has a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park ,New Jersey. this program is called Michael Metchikian Fivewayfitness program, He sees his clients privately in his studio and if distance is not an issue he does out calls to Bergen County area. Tel, 201.906.7668

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