Exercise is a very powerful tool that can help for people who want to lose fat. As a personal trainer who specializes with  helping people lose weight and get back into shape. Weight loss can be very tricky and puzzling for people who are  trying to win at the losing game. Weight loss sounds simple such as restricting your calories and doing some form of exercise. That really isn’t easy as it sounds. The key is the higher am experienced personal  fitness trainer who has experience with people that  have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

In my practice. What I have noticed is that no to people are alike when they comes to their weight loss goals or fitness goals. Each client has their own unique body chemistry and fitness level. The key is to address the client’s goals individually and tailor a program that fits and meets their needs. Here are some key points that can help the client reached their fitness goals successfully.

  1. Setting up a plan of action for the client. Taking  before and after pictures. Setting up goals towards their workouts. Motivating them daily with words of encouragement and inspiration.
  2. Understanding their interest and commitment towards fulfilling their weight loss goals. The client and trainer must work together as a team. Each one doing their job towards the end result which is fat loss and better health.
  3. Setting up a proper  nutrition and exercise program. Not some printout off the Internet or not so realistic Goals. This is through proper consultation with the client. Getting to the clients nutrition needs. Also what foods that their body agrees with them and what foods don’t. Also finding out what trigger Foods that can make the program a lot challenging. One of the key points is this the sit-down weekly and discuss a plan of action. Only through writing it down does it become real and do able.Keeping a diet journal is a major win for the client.
  4. Exercise is the foundation to a successful weight-loss program. The key is to assess the client in the early stages of exercise. Making sure they have a solid foundation. This is done rehabilitating any injuries or past  orz present surgeries. A solid physical rehabilitation program is very important in the training session of the client who  wants to lose weight. The reason for this is when the body works properly and there are no injuries or pain. Only then can  the client  push their bodies with injury. This benefits  the client to burn more calories. Shaping the muscles and strengthening them.
  5. It Is very important to systematically alter the nutrition program and exercise program as needed. Many people find that they need variety. This makes sense. Also it keeps the motivation high and interesting. Also adjusting the diet so that the client does not get burnt out or get board with the same foods. This is done through an experienced fitness professional. A fitness and weigh loss program need to be adjust every few weeks as need. Just like the exercise program.
  6.  No matter how challenging a weight-loss or fitness program is . There is always hope. The key is  to find the right person that  will open the door with you  through the challenges of your weight loss and fitness goals. There will be hard Times to overcome. This is what makes it challenging and rewarding at the same time. Believe and Achieve!

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, NKT CES work with people in their home or private gyms to help them with weight loss, pain free movement.