As an at-home personal trainer in Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I always trying to educate my clients on how to make positive lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes are not easy to break. Because their habits and often repeated. By simple suggestions and modifications. I teach my clients how to make the right choices when it comes to eating and taking care of themselves. This is not easy. It takes a lot of patience. Sometimes the wrong decisions. Awareness and determination. Him

  1. One of the simple tools I use to help my clients with lifestyle choices is food journaling. My five way fitness food journal is the perfect tool to help my clients stay on track with their nutrition and exercise program. Food journaling keeps exact track records of the food you eat throughout the day. Keeping records of what you eat is very important for your fitness goals. If you trying to lose weight. Keeping track of of your daily nutrition is one sure way to stay on the course to a successful weight loss program. Without records being kept. The client does not realize the mistakes they make by poor food choices. Before every workout session. It is very important to go over the client’s nutritional records. This way the client can see where they make the mistake on their poor food choices. The personal trainer can give some choices that can help the client better understand how a weight loss program works. This way the client feels empowered because they have choices. They feel they’re in control.
  2.  Many times I give my clients some extra homework to do. Outside of our workout sessions. I write up a little program that they can do on on their own. A simple 20 to 30 minute walk. Followed by some bodyweight squats. Included are some crunches on the stability ball, dumbbell curls and rubber band  tricep standing press downs. As simple as this program seems. It goes a long way on helping the client reach their fitness goals.
  3.  Getting proper rest is very important in any kind of exercise program. Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep makes all the difference in recovery. Teaching the client how to unwind early in the evening and go to bed at a reasonable hour is one of the most important lifestyle choices someone can make. This takes time and patience to motivate and teach the client the benefits of a good night sleep. This is usually just practice and awareness. Shutting off all electronic devices such as cell phones, televisions, and anything that stimulates your brain is very helpful to a good night sleep. Usually reading or listening to some relaxation music helps the client relax and unwind for the evening.
  4.  Following up on the client during their days off can make the biggest difference on them staying on track. A simple one minutes phone call to inspire them by complimenting them on their performance and decision-making to better themselves. Texting a motivational message. Goes a long way towards the client staying on their fitness program.

Just a simple choices they make all the difference in a fitness program. Whatever your goals are? They can all be achieved much faster, without the guesswork and safely when you hire a personal fitness trainer to help you with your fitness goals.