As an at-home personal trainer who trains my in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Florida area. I have many requests from clients weight loss. Setting up a client on a weight loss program is a very challenging and rewarding task. First the client has to be open for change. This change comes from many different factors. Openness to change their eating habits. The willingness to try different foods and recipes. The challenge to be prepared 24/7 to make the right choices in lifestyle changes. Also to be psychologically prepared when bumps are hit on the road to weight loss success. Here are some of the tools that personal trainers use to help your clients reach their weight loss goals.

  1. Personal trainers must be ready to make changes according to the eating habits of their clients. Note to clients of the same. Everything must be advised and devised food wise to accommodate the client and their eating habits. Getting to know the client is very important. This could be done during the one-on-one training session. Besides assessing the client with their form and function. The personal trainer can ask questions? That way they can get an idea of what the likes and dislikes about the client’s food choices.
  2.  Keeping a journal is very important for a weight loss program. The client simply writes down what they have eaten that day. That way the personal trainer can review and make corrections. It’s that simple.
  3.  Making proper choices. The way this can be achieved. If the client is given many choices to choose from. This way very empowered and can make smart choices that can help them towards their weight loss goals.
  4.  Motivating your clients on a daily basis is very important to keep them on the right track. Simple emails, texts and phone messages can go a long way. Even though this is troublesome to trainer. It gives tremendous value to weight loss program and the success of it.
  5.  The understanding and carrying through the weight loss process is very important. Because the client will go off their program. When this happens they need very strong motivation, inspiration, and guidance towards towards the goals. This meaning when they do overeat or go off their program. The personal trainer has to be understanding and caring enough to relate to them. Having the client understand that it’s okay and very human to go off the program. But also to inspire them to continue under weight loss journey.

In my at-home personal training business. I use these five simple tools with my weight loss program. Many people have los t10, 20, 30, pounds following these simple rules and steps. Weight loss is a journey. It has to be done slowly, effectively and with fun. And whenever a client hits a bump on the road. The trainer must be understanding and help the client move forward towards weight loss success.